Oticon OPN S1 and iPhone

I’ve had a lot of problems with phone connectivity since getting new hearing aids. What happens is calls cut in and out randomly, not location dependent, not reception (number of bars) dependent, not battery dependent. The people I am talking to hear me fine but I just hear a chopped up conversation. After lengthy searches on the internet and the help of my audiologist I think I finally found the solution and wanted to share it as I have been very frustrated with the problem. I had trialed Widex as well recently but the problem was even worse with those.

So the solution is
iPhone go to settings > cellular > cellular data options > data roaming off, voice & Data > select 4G

For some reason LTE switches while using this selection to the “best option” but it ends up making the call cut out problem worse. Since doing this a week ago I’ve had no further problems despite looking for a fix for several months.

Never had that happen with my iPhone. Maybe I am always in 4g due to where I live. Well I don’t have a RV option only a 3g. And testing it I have no signal at all.

Thanks for sharing this, @saal70360. I don’t have this issue on my iPhone 7 Plus with T-mobile. LTE seems to work fine so far. Which service provider do you use? It may be an issue with the service provider.

AT&T is my provider, but they have been no help at all.

I use Consumer Cellular and it uses the AT&T network. And before switching I was an AT&T customer for many years and have had that type of issues at all. You have not said which iPhone that you have.