Oticon Opn S: How much gain change with each step of volume button?

for the Oticon OPN S 1, how much increase in gain is one tick of the volume switch.
I have some programs where if I reduce or increase one tick of volume it is too much or not enough. I’m trying to adjust the base volume amount by increasing or decreasing the gain the fine tuning portion of programming.
In the map of gain amounts I have by frequency and by category of type of environment (soft, medium, loud). I’m not sure exactly how much I’m increasing overall volume with one tick of gain increase for a frequency when I affect all 3 categories. Are each category added up or are they applied individually based on environment.
I have made one tick decrease across the entire map of NAL-NL2. It sounds better to me and noticably less decrease than using the volume control to go down. I was just wondering if there are some actual metrics involved where I could tell how much to reduce or increase gain to affect volume to about 1/2 of a volume control tick.

following this as I want to know too

Not sure about Oticon. However, in the Connexx software in the Configuration, Instrument, section you can set the Volume Control range. The default seems to be 16 dB, but there are other settings from 8 dB to 32 dB. I am presuming if you make the range bigger then the change of one tick would be proportionally bigger.

For Phonak it’s 2 dB for one click.

it normally takes 3 db before the human ears notice a difference.

In my experience with Oticon Agil, Alta, and OPN-1, it has always been 2.5db per volume button click.
If I remember right, the volume button has a 30db range. Usually the default setting is 10db below max and 20db above minimum.
4 clicks up to max, and 8 clicks down to minimum.
Wouldn’t surprise me if OPN S is the same.


My aids have only 3 clicks up and 8 clicks down and they are OPN1

Thank you all for the info. It looks like the volume control varies the volume from 2.5 to 3.0 dB per click. I could not find anyplace in Genie2 where I could specify the amount of volume change with one click.
When looking at the fine tuning map (the gain table for left and right), does anyone know how much dB change there is with one plus or minus change to a cell?

I looked it up in the Genie 2 online Help. (a wealth of info there, if I just could remember to look there).
The answer is 1 dB per plus or minus in this Gain Control table.


Your default setting is within 7.5 db of max gain for that particular program. So it only has 3 clicks up.(3 X 2.5 =7.5)
My normal program is the same. 3 clicks to max. My other 3 programs are 4 clicks to max.

I only have and I only need my default program

I only need one also but, I like to experiment.

I did my best experimenting over the first 15 years of wearing aids. I told my Audi back a year ago that I wanted to just put my aids in and forget about them, it took 8 months of adjustments to reach this point

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This is my goal. With my hearing loss it is proving to be a big challenge.

I have to agree it would be very hard with your hearing loss

I’ve got 6 programs + SoundFlow and mute. Even tho I’ve got 6 programs, I only use SoundFlow and RogerReady (RogerReady means I don’t have to physically change programs myself), I never use my other programs but they’ll stay on my HAs tho. I sometimes use mute but again not often at all.