Oticon Opn S Fluttering?


Saw this comment and got me wondering if this is a real issue for people that wear Open S?

Somewhat disturbed with Oticon OPN S’s flaw with speech fluttering or voices sounding like what it sounds like when you speak through a running fan. After a two and half hour visit with my Audiologists last week and after several attempts to correct this the end result was a phone call to the factory to ask for help. The somewhat good news is there is a way to stop this from happening but the solution is the cause of my disturbance. The problem centers around the feedback reduction under automatics in the Genie program while this on the fluttering happens. The factory suggested turning this feature off… By doing that in its self yes the fluttering stops but that opens up at least fo me, another set of problems with this feature now off we are having to make new molds with different size vents in an attempt to be able to play with venting to reduce feedback down to a bearable amount… the brighter side of this is that the Oticon factory is aware of the problem and has reported the issue to the programmers or so they say. What caught my attention when we were talking with them was they said they are logging complaints. I’m asking that anyone who is experiencing this too please talk with your audiologists and have them report the issue perhaps the more we get to speak up the faster Oticon will do something. It is rather disturbing to pay this amount of money for HAs and you have to disable a design feature for them to work properly…



I have this issue. Its not bad enough for me to want to ask for the feedback reduction to be disabled. It does not happen often and haven’t been able to identify a specific trigger. It definitely did not happen with the OPN1.

Glad to see the acknowledgement of the problem and fix in the works.

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Switching off Feedback Shield completely removes it and implicitely reduces the high frequency gain.
But giving up on features should not be it.

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I haven’t experienced this fluttering with voices and the OPN-S1, but music seems to make mine flutter. I know it’s best to have a set music program, but I’m talking about distortion/fluttering when I’m in my general program/P1 and I hear music playing in another room. I do have feedback reduction enabled, and I don’t intend to turn it off. It’s the reason I paid extra for the “improved” version of the OPN. OPN-S is supposed to reduce feedback better than first-generation OPN. To turn it off defeats the purpose of the upgrade, so I hope that Oticon is listening and fixes the distortion/fluttering problems.



Anything brand new will have growing pains. It may take one or two or more software updates to get all of the bugs out

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I get a somewhat similar sound when feedback control is turned up to the maximum on my Phonaks. Doesn’t do it on voices so much, but tones, like the sound my car makes when I put the key in the ignition with the driver’s side door open. This may not be just Oticon.

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Yes, I can report the same is happening with Phonak Marvels M90-R that I’m trialling right now.
I noticed when I get in the car that the tone is fluttering, while this did not happen with my Audeo Q90 and OPN1 I’ve been trialling before.
Interesting this is not just Oticon…anyone knows if it’s the same kind of issue?

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I’m guessing that the fluttering might be due to the frequency shifting in the feedback manager. Most brands employ this technique as part of their feedback management, not just Oticon.

Now with the Oticon OPN S, the OpenSound Optimizer (the new feedback prevention technology) is supposed to be good enough that the traditional feedback manager is no longer necessary, as long as the patient does not have a severe enough hearing loss that the OpenSound Optimizer is not enough and the traditional feedback manager must be turned on as well, in addition to the OSO.

It sounds like this patient needs both enabled, therefore is at risk for the fluttering issue that is common in the traditional feedback management system.