Oticon OPN S BTE - soft moderate loud gain - what DB?

For the Phonak it appears folks refer to G50 G65 and G80.
Oticon (Genie 2) just shows soft moderate and loud gains in the fitting map. What are the gain levels in DB for each of those levels for Oticon OPN S

DB levels will be whatever.
It depends on the hearing loss.

Yes, I understand that the values in the rows are unique to my loss. What I’m asking is what DB level is considered Soft, moderate, and Loud as for the current input values. Phonak has 50 DB, then 65, then 80 So the amount of DB I have specified in a row is added if the input amount applies to that row. Soft would be any input at 50 DB or less, But that is for Phonak. Is Oticon 55 DB = soft or also 50 DB?

I think I understand what you are asking.
I really don’t know.

I found it - (just needed to go into Genie 2 - Fine-Tuning Fitting and then select help.
=== MPO and input levels

The rows in the table show MPO and input levels. MPO controls are in dB SPL and can be either collapsed or expanded.

  • Click the arrows below All to expand or collapse the MPO controls.
  • Click MPO to adjust maximum output in all frequency channels.
  • Click Soft (45 dB SPL), Moderate (65 dB SPL) or Loud (80 dB SPL) to select controls at each input level for all frequency channels.