Oticon OPN RITE105 or BTE13 PP?



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Okay let’s get back to Opn Rite105 vs BTE13 which was a very good discussion.

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Yes. Would be interesting to see if the Rite 105 can manage severe losses. It’s a bit less discreet than the BTE perhaps.

Would like to know what sort of dome etc is being used.


Okay, let me explain my experience with Oticon OPN 1 BTE PP after a week:

First of all, the BTE has the right power for my hearing disability as compared to the 85 miniRite. It does not feel like driving a car with handbrakes on, the sounds and their dynamic range are similar to my Siemens motion micon.

I had to change all of the settings and fine tune a bit myself, as my Audi did not know so much how to use the program. Now I’m feeling more comfortable with the sound.

The program settings are:

  1. Open Sound Navigator with Pinnar without noise reduction, no feedbackmanager and low automatics
  2. the same as 1, but more bass and treble for hearing with BT (setting the micro muted while hearing music). As 1Bluejay wrote:

Yes, streaming music over BT and HA has not the same quality like a good headphones, but it’s more comfortable. No cables and street noise disturb you while walking on the way to work :relaxed: . Also watching video with iPhone or iPad with BT is very enjoyable.

After updating to iOS 11 and setting the configurations for accessibility with iPhone and HA I got less cracking sounds and interruptions while hearing music by Bluetooth.

I also tried other settings like vac+, open automatics and so on. But, since I have worn HA for over 40 years I notice the sound difference when the program begins to change the settings automatically, so with NAL2 and DSL I finally gained the control to do fine self.

I don’t know what you think, but in my opinion, changing the volume by tapping the switch of the HA or by the app of Oticon is difficult, as the steps are to high. No fine tuning of the volume is possible. Also the crackling sounds while hearing music with BT are not completely eliminated.

Nonetheless the results are good and the OPN is my favourite as of now. I will still try to wear the Signia Pure BT 13 in the future to have a better comparison.

Comparison of my Siemens motion micon with OPN BTE PP


Thanks for sharing your first week experience with the OPN BTE13 PP. Can you explain why you turn off the noise reduction setting? Have you had a chance to be in a noisy environment like a restaurant yet? How well does the OPN work for you in this environment with the noise reduction turned off? What if you had noise reduction turned on in Program 3 with everything the same as Program 1, just to see which one your prefer in a noisy environment, P1 or P3?

It’s great that you’re able to do your own programming. It looks like much of your success is due to this ability. Who knows how it would have turned out had you have to be dependent on your audi to get the sound just right for you?

So what rationale is selected in your program? NAL2 or DSL?


Well, I will try to explain:

Yes, I’ve tried to copy the program with changed settings like getting noise reduction and working with Oticon open automatic. As I went to a party I had no success to hear my wife on the left side while the music came from behind. I tried to concentrate to hear her speaking but it was confusing me. The music sounded crappy and I heard changing sounds every time. I made more different programs to change it in situations like this, but without success. I think I’m one of the group with sensorineural hearing loss and need the traditional directional technology as you wrote here:

But if you have an idea what I can do to get more out of OPN I would be happy.

I tried to hear with VAC+ a long time but with DSL+ for adults and fine tuning of myself I’m feeling more comfortable…

And YES! With the settings of my audi (he is a good audi, but knows more about widex than Oticon) I would have given the devices earlier!


I can totally appreciate having NO noise management with Oticon Opn aids. The pair I wore for 9 mos? I had my aud-guy turn off noise management to the least aggressive setting - and even then, I found it impossible to hear speech in a car (front or back seat) cuz the aids were busy cutting down the road noise or god-knows-what like little gremlins, managing to diminish the speech frequencies with them.

I had MANY MANY MANY instances in areas where human speech was simply impossible to hear at all. I’d see the lips moving on people standing right in front of me, but every other noise all around me simply overwhelmed the frequencies at which they were talking.

As for listening to music - yes, I also wanted feedback manager OFF, cuz it seems that compresses the music frequencies? In the perfect world, I’d be able to wear earbuds to listen to music from my laptop or phone. But 1.) the music quality is crappy MP3, and 2.) my hearing is so bad that I need the AIDS to boost volume - simple earbuds with the volume control on a BT device won’t cut it.

The downside is that even with my Phonak Audeo B-Direct RIEs, I depend on the Sennheiser headphones for music or shows that I play on my laptop. Because the headphones perch an inch over my ears, sitting on the BTE aids, I hear ambient noise AND the sound coming through my headphones. For this reason, these headphones would not be the best option for traveling on a plane. Pure streaming into the aids would be best - I suppose I could carry my itty-bitty TV streaming unit with me everywhere … ?

So far, that’s streaming BEAUTIFULLY with my aids! :-)::


Thank you for sharing your analysis and story with the OPN BTE 13 PP. Have you considered the OPN miniRITE 105 dB receiver at all and compared it against the OPN BTE 13 PP solution?

Also, when self-programming, I found that when compression and noise management is off such as the Music program, its music streamed via the TV Adapter or iPad tend to be richer and clearer than the default programs. I do not know how it compares to regular headphones though, but it’s something to consider when self-programming streaming options for additional fidelity.


Hm, this is interesting because I know you can stream from an iOS and go into the Hearing Devices settings of the iOS and change the setting to the Music program. And I do notice a very slight “opening up” in my case for the Music program, although nothing significant.

But what’s interesting is that you seem to indicate that you can select the Music Program when listening from the TV Adapter and I didn’t know that there’s really anyway to do that. It’s because you have to manually cycle through on the OPN button to get to the TV Box program, which is the ONLY way I’m aware of to get to that mode. So you’re either in that mode or you’re in one of the other 4 programs, but you can’t be in both like with the iOS streaming.

What Oticon told me, however, is that in the TV Box mode, it’ll take on the settings of the default program 1. So for example, if you have Speech Rescue enabled in program 1, you’ll hear that effect in the TV Box mode.

Well, I suppose you can set the default program 1 to music mode, then the TV Box mode can take on that music mode setting. So I guess it’s doable to have the TV Box mode paired with the Music program. But you can’t pair it on the fly on the iPhone like with the iOS streaming together with any of the 4 programs.


No, I only got the miniRite 85db Receiver and the BTE. Probably the miniRite with 105 dB works like the BTE, but because of my existing molds it was easier for my Audi to get the BTE model.

In the music program the low frequencies will be raised, the microphone in open sound Navigator settled to pinnar and in automatics the noise management is settled to off. But please consider that streaming music with BT will never reach the quality like a good headphone.


You are right Volusiano. I’d like to correct and clarify my statement. When using the TV Adapter, the audio streamed is clearer than what I hear through the TV Speakers, although it is on the default program and cannot change it to Music (unless I set the Music as my new default program). When I hear the same audio through an iPad via the MFi streaming and use the Music Program, the audio is fuller as far as I could hear (probably due to Haens’ explanation about boosting of low frequency, minimal compression, and lack of noise management).

I also appreciate the disclaimer that Haens shared that BT audio fidelity will never reach the same level as good headphones. I too share this sentiment. What I am curious is if the iPhone mFI uses aptx HD or some other codec in its BLEA mode to improve the BT fidelity that is lacking relative to good headphones’. These new BT codecs may not downsample the bitrate as much as a regular BT protocol.


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