Oticon OPN RITE105 or BTE13 PP?

Hey there, I currently have Oticon’s OPN RITE with the power 105 receiver. Love them, but as you can see I do have significant hearing loss, and am wondering if I could get more out of the newly released Oticon OPN BTE13 PP.
I am still in trial mode and can switch at no cost.
I know the BTE would have better battery life as it uses size 13 not 312, but I am not too worried about that, would rather have the smaller RITE if all is the same.
I am getting great performance, but have trouble with quiet and higher pitched voices, have some feedback issues as the aids are set at the higher end, and the BTE may possibly provide more room for additional amplification in case of future hearing drop.
Can anyone confirm if the BTE trial would be worth it or assist with the above, what is the benefit of these, they seem to have similar spec’s and profiles as linked but i am not an expert?
Thanks in advance!
BTE Specs

RITE Specs

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There’s a forum member in the UK who’s looking forward to trying out the BTE13 PP. If you search the threads you’ll find it, and maybe PM her to get more of her perspective. But she doesn’t wear the OPN 105, however. She had an older OPN BTE model.

Just from looking at your audiogram, it looks like even if the 105 is working for you, I would guess you don’t have much headroom left in case you need to increase the volumeup for soft or high pitched voices, or in case your hearing degrades further in the future. So if you use the BTE13 PP, I guess it’ll give you extra margin and extra power over the 105 in the future if you ever need it.

looked over the data sheets a couple of days, seem to be the same on paper, if you don’t like your mold, since it is acryl and if the receiver wear down fast in your experience, the BTE could give you less maintenance cost and more options for molds, but I don’t think any technical advantage…

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I too have significant loss and recently went from CIC to BTE. I don’t think I’ll be going back. The sound experience seems more natural to me and as you note there is headroom. I can turn these puppies up to 11! :wink: I wear glasses so it can feel a bit crowded behind the ears but it’s a small issue for me.

Ya, I don’t have any problems with the mold or receiver. Couldn’t see much gain difference other than a bit at the higher frequency end, which may give some additional room, but I was not sure what other, if any, benefits of the BTE model was.

I think the OPN BTE13PP comes built-in with the Speech Rescue LX and Tinnitus feature, but the OPN will have those same features in their upcoming FW 4 (in June/July’17).

Update for those interested, I was able to get a pair of Oticon OPN BTE, still on trial. They did not perform as well as my Oticon OPN RITE! They had more feedback, even with a second pair of tighter and fuller ear moulds. They also did not provide the same amount of gain as my RITE, when they were set with similar amounts of feedback. I am back with my RITEs now.
Curious if anyone would have any input or experience with this, technically the BTE should have had more gain, although the specs only show a bit more, but even the Audiologist was kind of stumped. The hearing level with the RITEs was definitely better. We are waiting to hear back from Oticon. Perhaps there are other RITEs out there which provide more gain? Or is this a case showing that high powered RITEs are catching up?

Thanks for sharing this. It’s very timely for me to hear about this as I’ve decided to update my OPN1 MiniRITE 85db receiver to the 105db receiver in order to make use of the Speech Rescue LX feature better on my right ear. So it’s reassuring to hear that the 105dB receiver in the RITE performs better than the 105dB receiver in the BTE13 PP. But I don’t really have an option nor do I want to switch to a BTE13 PP anyway, actually.

One reason I can see is that with the RITE, your 105dB receiver is right there inside your ear canal, much closer to the ear drum than the 105dB receiver that’s built into the BTE13 that sits way back behind your ear and having to push the sound through an air tube and the ear mould. For that reason, I’m not sure what the advantage of the BTE13 is over the RITE, except for the size 13 battery, and maybe a more robust and reliable receiver inside the HA (if that’s even the case?), and also the extra room in the HA for the T-coil.

Maybe the assumption that the distance the BTE13 sound has to travel through the air tube and the ear mould is negligible (compared to the RITE receiver right in the ear canal) is not really negligible after all like they thought?

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How much heads up room is there for the BTE vs RITE? I wear the 105db receivers for the Alta2 Pro MiniRite and I can go two volume up clocks higher before maxing out.

Since the 105dB receiver specs look the same between the BTE and the RITE, I must assume that they’ll give you the same amount of headroom, depending on what your loss is. But apparently Bchearing is reporting back that the BTE volume actually seems a little weaker than the RITE volume on the same spec’ed 105dB receiver.

If your Alta2 Pro’s 105dB receiver gives you 2 volume clicks before maxing out, I’d have to assume that it’d be the same headroom for you on the OPN’s 105dB receiver.

I am getting my Oticon OPN BTE13 on September 25th and I will get back with you.

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