Oticon Opn right hearing aid lost pairing with iPhone

I have 2 Oticon OPN1 Mini-Rite hearing aids that are about 5 years old. They have worked perfectly up until the last 6 months. They are paired with my iPhone 8. Over the last 6 months I have been receiving a series of pulsating beeps - 4 sets of 8 beeps about 10 minutes after powering them up on both hearing aids or just one hearing aid. I ignored the beeps because the hearing aids seemed to work normally as soon as the beeps stopped. I recently purchased an Oticon 3.0 TV streamer. I set it up and it worked perfectly. However, a couple weeks later I lost pairing between my iPhone and my right hearing aid. The TV streamer continued to stream to both hearing aids perfectly but the right hearing aid continued to search for a connection and would not pair with my iPhone for telephone calls. Also, I noticed that when I get the 4 sets of 8 beeps, the beep tones sound broken up. I have rebooted my phone several times. Tried to re-pair the iPhone and hearing aids several times with no improvement. I purchased the hearing aids online from a company that is no longer in business. Does anyone know a company that could repair my hearing aids?

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I wear Oticon More3s, but - if the warning signals are the same, 8 beeps mean microphone problems that require the attention of your audiologist.

(You can probably double check the accuracy of my statement in your user’s manual.)


Sorry, but I don’t know who can repair your machines …:confused:

Do you use a hearing aid dryer? It’s possible the mics are just dirty.
Maintenance might fix you up.
Good luck.

Thanks for your response and suggestion!

Thanks for your response and guidance.

Thanks for the suggestion. I always put them in my Oticon ‘dry box’ container when not using them. I will check out purchasing a H/A dryer.

There’s an outfit listed on eBay that does hearing aid repair for $150. I have not tried them yet so I don’t know anything about them except I found them on eBay -> Hearing Aid Repair/Programming - Siemens/Rexton/Oticon/Starkey/Phonak And More! | eBay

Thanks for your response and info!