Oticon Opn remote mic?

Im going to try some Oticon Opn PP’s. I current have Phonak Nadia’s and I use the wireless remote mic and ComPilot often. I regularly sit in a large group with one speaker in front who wears my mic. Works great.

Now I’m being told that with the Opn there is no remote mic. Instead I have to hand my phone to the speaker. He’s not going to hold it close to his mouth and I’m concerned that the sound quality will not be as good as with my Phonaks. Oticon told my HAP they have no plans for a remote mic.

How well does this work? Are there workarounds? Maybe I’ll just keep my Naidas and use them for group teachings, but it’s hard to believe Oticon doesn’t get this.



Severe-profound 35 year HA user with genetic, progressive loss.

before you open another thread with another header, just try it and stop whining like a kid.

I have no experience with those things. Try to get a better place closer to the speaker on the table, or get a better overall adjustment so you don’t need it.

Wow, such compassion from a “Senior Member.”

Why do you want to try the Oticons? What do you think you might like about them more than than the Nadias? Which Nadias? For the situation you describe, I don’t think there is anything better than a remote microphone. I know Resound and Signia also offer remote microphones. The two that I’ve heard the best things about are Phonak’s Roger Pen and Resound’s MultiMic. Resound’s is by far the least expensive and doesn’t need an additional device.

Oticon hasn’t been very forthcoming with which accessories will be available and when for the OPNs. Can’t say for sure they won’t have a remote mic at some point. They rushed to get the aids out to market with minimal accessories like TV Adapter and remote.

Good question. My Naidas are 10 years old and I was hoping to get some more help from the current generation. I do pretty well, but I’m having more trouble in groups, even with just one person speaking at a time.

I got Boleros in April and damned if my HAP couldn’t get them to sound decent. Too much high frequency, too much noise, made me crazy.

Maybe I should try the Bolero’s with another HAP?


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If you got 10 years out of those why not try the current model?

They tell me the Naida is now the Bolero. Which I tried. Maybe I need to keep working on the Boleros with my HAP.

Oticon has the Connectline Mini Mic that can be paired with the Streamer Pro. The Streamer Pro is NOT the same as the ConnectClip 3.0 streamer that is designed for the OPN and slated to come out late 2017.

I’m NOT saying that the Oticon Connectline Mini Mic will work with the ConnectClip 3.0 streamer for the OPN. I’m just pointing out that Oticon has a remote mic option that they MAY (or may not) make compatible with the ConnectClip 3.0 streamer when it comes out later. I know that they’re saying that there’s no mic option for the OPN right now, but maybe you can press and ask them about the possible compatibility between the Connectline Mini Mic and the ConnectClip 3.0 streamer when it becomes available later on.

But I agree with MDB that if a mic option is important to you, then why not go with a Phonak option or even Resound or Signia option if they offer remote mics while Oticon doesn’t for the OPN.

Just cancelled the Oticons. Not sure where to go next. Anybody out there with a loss like mine and a hearing aid to recommend?

My understanding is that the Bolero is not a replacement for the Naida. Naidas still exist and are still considered a great aid for extreme/profound losses. I believe the Naida V (V is for Venture platform) is the most current. I’m a little confused on how your aids could be Naida Vs.

The old Core Naidas (2008 model), are marked as Naida III for the entry level, Nadia V for the mid level and Naida IX for the high end level.

Naidas are still very much around. The new Naida Venture model looks very good. The new Naida Venture ones are rated IP68 and have a new design to them which is very good.

I am completely confused. Why can’t you use a Phonak Roger with a MyLink (which will connect via Telecoil), or a Roger Universal Receiver type 02 or 03 (boot that goes on to the back of any BTE- including the OPN).


I didn’t realize that the Roger boot fits into the back of any BTE (including the OPN). How does that work if the BTEs come in all different shapes and sizes?

So why the Boleros? What’s their niche?

Boleros are BTE aids with the sound transmitted from the aid itself through plastic tubes. This allows a larger receiver/speaker. It is recommended to those with a sever loss. RIC has gotten close to providing the higher frequency volume but BTE still leads in capacity.

To be honest Volusiano, I do not know. The claim is however, that it is universally compatible. Take a look at this link:


Within this it says:

  • compatible with virtually all behind-the-ear hearing instruments

I’m not a candidate for RIC, I’m told. Too much loss in the lows. I would use the new Naidas as BTEs and I tried the Boleros as BTEs. I don’t understand why the Boleros sounded so bad. I think I’ll try the new Naidas.

I’m not a candidate for RIC, I’m told. Too much loss in the lows.

​whomever ‘they’ are you might want to consider finding someone else!