Oticon OPN Question about cleaning

Well I have read manual cover to cover and cleaning regularly. Twice a week I wipe with provide cloth and genteelly brush mic opening with provided brush. I check the prowax filter with a 10x loop and replace when ever I see debris. I am still puzzled by the instructions on the domes. I have 8mm open domes and they get debris & wax sometimes and the instructions on page 29 say " should not be cleaned… replace with new one". Well this seems excessive to replace every week or so.

My question is “REALLY”??? What is the real world answer?

Thank you,


I take the domes off my RIC aids and clean the domes with alcohol wipes. Soap and water would do as long as you can dry the domes before replacing them. You could also use a spare set to alternate. Dry wax wipes off with a clean microfibre cloth also. How often is up to you but I do them daily except if I’m at work that night. I also use a HA dryer with a UV cycle. There is another thread about this somewhere here also.

I keep domes in for extended period. You can clean them with a alcohol wipe or a dome specific cleaning products. I replace wax guards when they have wax that obstructs sound. As to a cloth wipe, I figure I am more likely to put something in the mic opening than do something helpful. Doing this I haven’t encountered any irritation that would indicate a problem. When I visit Costco, they clean/replace as a service. I think it is policy. Nothing really changes but they do it.