Oticon OPN or Starkey i2400

After procrastinating forever, I finally saw an audiologist today. My old Blamey & Saunders aids definitely need replacing. I was primed to get the Oticon OPN1 based on user reviews here and because hearing in noise is my main problem. He seemed to think they were a valid option but his first recommendation was the Starkey i2400. According to him, the Starkey has better feedback control. This would let me get away with a less-occluding mold. And yes, in either case he wants a custom mold.

Speech comprehension was simply “poor”. I’ve got a Speech Audiogram but I’m not sure how to interpret it or enter it in my profile.

Just wondering if any has any thoughts. I haven’t ordered anything yet.

Not sure why but I can’t see your audiogram.

Although anybody can be fitted with molds, it seems like you could get away with domes if you wanted to try them. My bias, and it’s just from what I’ve heard is that there’s no particularly good reason to go with Starkeys, unless you really like the idea of having hearing aids made in the US. I think most current aids have pretty good feedback control. Between the two, I think I’d try the OPNs, although there are several other aids that are interesting too.

I think those Starkey’s are really good devices too. Curious about how the prices compare.

Worked for me, what device / browser are you using?

The Starkey was $5100 AUD a pair. I don’t know if that was for the Muse or the Halo 2. The OPN1 was $5950 AUD a pair. I found those prices quite reasonable. With a rebate from my Australian private health cover (which I wouldn’t get if I bought online), that’s in the same ballpark as Buyhears.com.

@MDB. I’m Australian, so no particular bias about where they’re made. This guy seemed set on the molds. Personally, I think it just makes it harder for me to try another model if I’m unhappy with the first one I try. I do like the idea of the OPN1. I dislike the marketing, but enough people have enthused about them here for me to want to try them. It’s hard to argue with the audi though on amplification/feedback when that is in his domain.

I’m just finishing up a trial of the OPN1 and the i2400. The Starkey was a good hearing aid but I felt the sound quality of the Oticon was better. Also the Opn1’s seemed to work smoother, one example is sometimes the Starkey aids would lose connection with each other so if I adjusted the volume on one (using the button on the hearing aid itself) it wouldn’t change on the other until I re-synced with my iphone. The Oticon never did this and just seemed a bit more “refined” all around. Hopefully your provider will let you try both so you can decide which one sounds and works best for you.

I was on the iPhone 7 Plus but now it seems to work OK so I don’t know what was wrong. It just said undefined and it was blank. This time around the same thing happened, but a few seconds later the audiogram was loaded up.

We had to add a slight delay to the rendering in order to ensure the audiogram displayed properly on all display types.

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Thanks Bruce. That moves me closer to the Oticon.

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And now that you’ve seen it?

Yes. I think it was like Abram said, it took a while to load and I didn’t know that.

I think for that price difference you ought to try out the OPN. I agree with MDB that you can probably just do domes. That’d be what I’d try out first before resorting to molds anyway, unless you can reuse the molds on either HA model which I doubt. So it looks like your audi is trying to lock you in up front with the Starkey.

I really never had any issue with feedback on the OPN and my drop off slope is not too far from yours so I don’t expect you to have much feedback issue with the OPN if you go with the bass dome single vent or the power dome as a next step up. I don’t know if the Starkey is really better at handling feedback than the OPN or not, but if you never have any feedback issue with the OPN then what difference does it make, right? So he’s bringing up an issue that may not even be there in the first place as a justification for the Starkey which is kind of odd.

Also his idea of doing molds for you right away seems lot the easy way to cop out for him. It’d cost you the cost for the molds and he wouldn’t have to waste his time trying out the domes for you first so it’s win win for him to force the molds on you.

I’m not shooting down the Starkey but I think for the money difference you ought to try out the OPN as well at the minimum to see for yourself which one you like better like Bruce316 did.

Another option would be to try the OPN3 for much less cost. It has been reported that users experience is very close to the OPN1.

Nice to see Oticon offering lower cost options to the acclaimed but pricey OPN1. I went with the Starkey Muse myself due to price, availability of software and Audi experience. I think overall the OPN1 is considered a better aid, but for my dollar and for my flexibility I stuck with Starkey (who I think have very good sound quality). For comparison, I’ve trialed Siemens a few times and did not like them at all. Same with Unitron. But these trials were before recent name changes or company takeover as in the Unitron case.

Clearly I’m a world class procrastinator. Twenty days later and I still haven’t picked up the phone to the audiologist. Thanks to grantb5 for the reminder. The difference for me is $200-$300 (AUD) per year for the life of the aid. I can probably live with that.

Recent events have shown me that my speech understanding in noise is really not good at all. I’m talking standing around outside at a social gathering and not understanding the person next to me. I think I need as much help as I can get.

What it does do is make it harder for me to ask to trial the other. I would feel a bit hesitant in doing so. He’s a bit of a “I’m the trained professional in this room” kind of guy.

Occasionally procrastination works in your favour. I saw an ad in yesterday’s paper offering a free connect clip with the Oticon 1 at the same price as I was quoted before for the aids alone. Surprisingly the ad quoted an actual dollar figure. They rarely do in Australia. I’ll be seeing them next week hopefully. It will be interesting to get a second opinion anyway.

I’d pick Oticon over Starkey any day of the week (but that is only my personal opinion). Ive always found them to be more reliable and prefer the sound, although I do have to admit they have good feedback control. I’d also get a second opinion, you have nothing to lose but your time by the sounds of it

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