Oticon Opn not synching program modes correctly

I’ve been wearing Oticon Opn aids for about three years. They replaced them under warranty a little over a year ago because they started having problems syncing the program modes. They also replaced the rechargeable batteries (not the charger) under warranty because the battery in the left HA was only lasting 1-3 hours. But that’s a different story.

But speaking of the batteries, the rechargeable are once again not lasting more than 3 hours. But even when new, the rechargeable batteries NEVER lasted as long as the enclosed paperwork said they were supposed to. The longest they ever lasted, with no streaming, when new, was 10 hours. Then they’d rapidly go down to 8, then 6 hours a day. So this time, I called and asked for pricing on replacement rechargeable batteries and I was told $130 for two batteries, I said “no thanks.” I switched to disposable batteries and a pair of them are lasting me 3-5 days! So I’ll not be going back to rechargeable batteries.

Like I said, the about 18 months ago I took the HAs in because they started having trouble synching the program modes. I would press the button on the right aid, it would immediately give the corresponding number of ‘dings’ for the program, but then the left aid would go into a repeated series of dings and truncated dings, and then the right one would start dinging, and then they’d be going back and forth between each other, all the while dinging incessantly. Sometimes they would eventually sync up and stop dinging, but most of the time the only solution was to turn both of them off and back on again.

Well, now, they have started doing this again. I press the button on the right one and sometimes the left one starts dinging like crazy and won’t sync the program with the right.

I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but with my first set of Opns, only the right one had the button on the back. With this second set, there is the button on both aids,

I guess I’ll take them back to the audiologist.

I’ve also noticed that with both sets of HAs, and I guess this is because of how the audiologist programmed them, but the button does not work like the manual says it does. I cannot turn off Bluetooth, mute them, turn on flight mode, or adjust volume with the buttons. I can only do those things through the iPhone app.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had the problem of their Oticon Opns not synching programs modes correctly.

thank you.

I’ve had my OPN 1s for 4.5 years now, with a brand new pair replacing the old pair right before the 3 year warranty expired.

I never had any syncing issue where pushing the button on one aid does not cause the other aid to follow to change to the same program. Once in a while, for some reason, the following aid is a little bit slow to follow the program change (like it’d take a second or two instead of almost right away), but that’s about it.

It’s not right the on your first set of OPN, the second aid didn’t have a button on the back. It just doesn’t sound right AT ALL. Maybe your audi gave you something else but not the OPN.


I’m betting that you have the ZPower rechargeable system. They’ve been notorious for their battery not living up to their promises. In May of 2020 they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. To clarify, it’s the ZPower company that went bankrupt, not Oticon.

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You are exactly right!