Oticon Opn miniRITE Is Now Rechargeable



My understanding is that the Zinc Air regular batteries can be safely disposed in the trash and don’t have to be stored for proper recycling later on. Am I wrong? I don’t see any HA battery mfg saying that I must recycle their product.


You might be right. I checked locally and they consider hearing aid batteries to be household hazardous waste along with other types of batteries. They did not differentiate between battery composition.


I have been using Oticon Opn 1 with Zpower recharging system for about 2 months.
I am disappointed that I am not consistently making it through the day.
Today one battery died around 1800 after ~9 hours of operation with ~2 hours of streaming. 2nd battery still reporting 60% several hours later. This is the 3rd time I have not made it through a reasonably light day. I have not been tracking by individual battery, so maybe I just have a single bad battery. I did have both die once, but it was a rather long day (>18 hours).

Indeed, I can quickly switch out to disposable 312s, but now I have to handle the batteries twice in a day, and effectively the disposable one is wasted because once you activate it, the clock is ticking.

I have worn a rechargeable before (Earlens) and truly recognize the beauty of putting HAs in a charger at night and not handling batteries. If I have to handle the batteries several times a week I think I would be better off setting my reminders for every 4 days and changing that morning.

I will probably engage Z-power and see if maybe I have a early-life-failure battery.



Thanks for sharing. This is disappointing to hear…


it’s very strange that one would run out of juice and the other being above 50%, that can’t be right.

What I always wondered, do you ever use a drybox, or are the aids just in the recharging dock all night? Because I like to think the dryboy is very useful and would never want to skip that routine.


My rechargeables are still going strong - 7 am to 10:30pm most days with 1-2 hours of streaming.
Only issue I’ve ever had was “operator” error - I didn’t set one HA in recharger correctly so it didn’t make contact. Also the recharger base has magnets to hold each HA in place one they are set into the base (correctly!).


Does the waste heat from the recharging process imitate the drying box at all?


Next day observations: both batteries die, but several hours apart.
Z-power Recharge kit, 312s, with Oticon MiniRite Opn 1.
R died at 1830.
L died at 2000.
Day started ~0900. 1.5 hours of telephone streaming.

The math: one lasted about 9.5 hours, the other about 11 hours. 90 minutes of phone time involved. Does not meet their claim.



Maybe you can ask Oticon to refund the ZPower Rechargeable option to you (whatever it costs above and beyond the regular model) because it doesn’t last as long as advertised. As easy as it is to upgrade to this option by simply replace the battery door with the ZPower door, getting a refund is as simple as taking out the ZPower door and return it and put back the normal battery door.


A couple of long shot questions:

  1. Are you using the zpower rechargeable batteries or another brand of rechargeable batteries?
  2. Do you have the latest software update in the iPhone/OPN’s? Just wondering if the OPN’s somehow are staying connected to iPhone RF wise at full power even after call is over and audio is not being transmitted.
  3. In the morning is the charger showing two SOLID green charged lights or are they flashing green - still charging?
  4. I would contact z-power or audi and ask to exchange for another charger and two batteries to test.
  5. My battery duration is a lot longer in a low noise, 71F office environment.


My responses:

  1. These are original Z-Power brand batteries. Approximately 60 days old.
  2. Yes, I am running firmware 4.0 on Opn 1 and using iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone 7
  3. Charger is showing solid green in AM.
  4. I have appointment to turn in batteries and charger for evaluation.
  5. I have pretty standard environment, ~70F and average humidity.

Also, some new data to report today:
Time L% R%
1500 90 60
1700 60 60
1800 50 60
1930 60 0
2130 60 N/A

I walked out the door for dinner around 1830 with >50% on both devices. Day started at 0800, so 50% might make one feel safe for a 2 hour dinner. Begs the question: “50% of what?”

Of note:
Oticon battery reporting seems to have steep cliff whether using rechargeable or disposable batteries; you show a high percentage for a long time, then they die rather rapidly.
Apple battery percentages only occur in counts of 10 which may explain why I went from 50 back to 60, there is some rounding involved.
Oticon should show a battery percentage number on their ON app, showing slider graphic only is less than optimum and not very helpful in making diagnostic decisions.
Just an opinion, but why Apple combines the battery percentage number in new iOS is a mystery (if both are at or near same level, you get a single number).



One last thought - try going a day without the HA’s connected to iPhone, if they don’t last that indicates the batteries/charger have an issue and not the amount of streaming use.


Battery levels have always been a problem. My old KS6/Linx stay on 100% to the bitter end.

Standard batteries have a short failure period. They stay at full voltage/amperage until near the end which makes seeing a decline a problem.


Update on Z-Power and OPN’s:

After about 6+ months of daily usage one Z-power battery started to only make it from 8-6 pm “sometimes”, other days it went the distance.
I swapped left (bad) and right batteries and the issues stayed with the bad battery.
About 3 weeks later the base charging unit stopped charging on the left side.
It looked like the spring loaded “pogo” contact pin in the base unit might not be extending all of the way but I really couldn’t tell for sure. Maybe charger base was electrically going bad and damaged the left battery?

I emailed Z-Power.
Response was to take to Audi that I bought them from.
I did and the audi said we’ll send them back.
About a week later a new in the box charger and 2 new batteries arrived - no questions asked.

All is now working as it should. Other than having to take to audi (which was expected) customer service was responsive. Don’t know why it failed to start with though - two separate failures or one cascading failure?


I started using Z-Power with my OPNs in Oct 2017. By February 2018 I had one cell that only lasted for 8 hours. By April, I had another cell fail likewise. I contacted Z-Power and sent them the two cells. They completely ignored my documented failures. My Audi replaced the failed cells at no charge. I’ve since had another two fail likewise. Z-Power recently became active on Facebook, so I posted my dismal results on FB. That was enough to get their attention. Their rep told me (1) get Oticon v5 s/w and (2) get replacement battery doors (with the name Oticon UNDERLINED) as they believe the main problem is poor connections to the charger. So far, my Audi has been unable to get the battery doors, but I’ve been experimenting with one of the failed cells. By inserting the HA into the charger with a moderate amount of force and “wiggling” it to get the best fit, I found that “failed” cell now makes the 16 hour usage including a regular 2 hour streaming.


Sorry that you are having these problems. If you do a search of the forum under “ZPower issues?,” you can read a whole thread that I started a few months ago about similar issues. ZPower and Oticon are aware of the issues and I was told that they working to address them. Since you got your recharging kit in Oct 17, it’s likely that you have battery doors that have have bad charging contacts. I’m glad you made ZPower aware of your issues publicly, as I think they will be responsive once they are made aware of problems. Sometimes many people have to complain before action is taken. I hope the defective doors can be replaced soon. I know how frustrating it can be. :slight_smile: