Oticon Opn miniRITE Is Now Rechargeable



For me it’s not so much economics but about never having my HA’s quit unexpectedly in a business meeting, during dinner, at a movie, driving, biking etc. or having to remember is this the 4th day or 5th day on this set of batteries.

It’s also about not having to keep a stash of 312’s in my glove box, bicycle bag (75 mile all day rides), overnight bag, business portfolo, office desk drawer, and medicine cabinet.

With rechargeable HA’s I know about when they will quit - at least until they start to die sooner after a year - and then they die at 10 pm every day instead of 11pm.

Also, a relative has eyesight issues and has a really tough time with little 312’s but can easily place his whole HA into the charging cradle - his sole decision factor on make and model of HA’s that he bought.


Whatever floats your boat… So, you work late or do some extra streaming and you battery dies. A 312 at best will give you 14 hours. So, now what?

Of course everyone’s milage will vary. Evidently yours does.


I think with the ZPower system, if your rechargeable battery dies you can swap it with a disposable battery if you don’t want to wait. Of course it’s not ideal to switch to a disposable that can last 5-6 days just for short term temporary use because that’s kinda wasteful. I think the disposable self discharges after a while so it’s not like you can save it for the next time you need it. But at least it’s an option.


Some very good points here. I basically just keep a couple in my wallet because no matter where I go I almost always take my wallet with me. If I’m in a middle of something where I can’t interrupt to change them out, I find that the low battery level warning gives me ample of time to swap them out. Usually my battery gives the warning at least a good hour before it dies. I only change them out when I hear low battery warnings, but I suppose one can just set an alert to change them out every so many days well before the battery warning comes on if you want. But I agree that there is something to be said about being able to just drop them into the charging slot at night and have fresh batteries in the morning. But if they don’t last your whole day due to your high usage, then the use model is not acceptable.

For sure if you have dexterity issues or vision issue then the convenience trumps the cost. To me personally the convenience doesn’t trump the cost (yet) so I think I’m sticking to disposables until then.


Carrying spare throw aways kind of defeats his reason for wanting rechargeables. I change mine every Sunday morning and never have a problem. That said I have a pack in both car glove boxes and in the bottom of the wife’s purse.


Doc - your Opn’s with 312’s last from Sunday to Sunday?
Mine are only good for 4-5 days with no streaming (Droid) at about 14 hours per day.
Whats your secret?

Volusiano - I tried carrying a spare set of 312’s in wallet but when I went to use them the sticky cover had slid about half way off of one battery and it was dead. I should revisit that and pack differently.


Hi Rocketmahn, I don’t think Doc Jake wears OPNs. My OPNs last me about 5 days on the average. I use streaming with the TV Adapter 3.0 a lot every evening. I use Costco Kirkland brand batteries. I don’t know who OEM them though.

Yeah, when I carry spares in my wallet, it’s a whole tray with the batteries inside fully protected so I don’t have an issue with the tab coming off. The tray is pretty flat so it’s easy to stick it inside my wallet without it being too obtrusive.


I wear the 7bx with sp receivers… I stream either TV, tablet (YouTube,amazon programing) most all NYY ballgames via the XM app. About 6hrs +/- everyday.


I ordered the Opn rechargeable battery retrofit kit from my audi today.
The cost is $300

I was told that basically the audi will swap out the HA battery door in the office.
The kit includes a set of batteries, HA doors, charger and a year warranty on the whole shebang.
They said that when fully charged the batteries are guaranteed to last a MINIMUM of 15 hrs in the Opn’s.
Batteries need replaced after a year.

I will also have the audi update the firmware to the latest version before doing the recharge retrofit just in case they brick one of the HA’s while updating firmware (like happened last time…).

Hopefully by next week I’ll have a few days of usage on them and can post how long the batteries last, if I was streaming or not etc.


Hear is a quick update (pun intended) after using he Rechargeable OPN’s.

I had mine upgraded last week at a cost of $300.
The upgrade took less than 15 minutes.
They replaced the HA battery door.
The new door is very slightly longer than the original - maybe 1/16" (as measured).
The new door has two gold contacts on the bottom which connect to the external recharging base (included) - never have to open/close HA doors again for about a year.

My experience - although limited and with new batteries has been great.

They have never ran down when used all day - for me usually about 14-15 hours and NO streaming (Android).
The longest usage was 15-16 hours and did include 1.5-2.0 hours of streaming from TV adapter.
They seem to recharge fast - I would guess in about 3 hours.
The manual shows various battery usage times from 15-19 hrs based upon streaming, no steaming etc.

I used regular 312 batteries on the way home from the Audi until I could get a full charge on the z-power batteries - so you can use both type of batteries.

Link To Manual: https://www.oticon.com/-/media/oticon%20us/main/download%20center/opn/ifu/15555-10098%20z%20power%20consumer%20ifu.pdf

Value? Your mileage may vary. $300 is kind of steep for a little plastic door or when adding up the cost of disposables.
For me having my HA’s work every day, all day, without having to scramble for batteries while driving or in a meeting is worth it.
The little recharge stand is nice to hold the HA’s in place and out of the way when not in use and I find the charger LED’s make a nice nightlight.

I will miss having the sticky battery cover tape stuck to my finger tip and watching a 312 roll around the sink and disappear down the drain!!! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing this experience, Rocketmahn!

Did they tell you how much the replacement rechargeable batteries will cost? And how many charge cycles you’ll get out of it?

The other thing I wonder is whether the capacity remains the same up until when you need to replace it, or if there’ll be a gradual loss so that toward the end you won’t be able to get a full day of use out of it before it runs out.

15-19 hours a day is cutting it pretty close. I mean if you sleep 8 hours a day then you’ll need it to last you 16 hours, and there’s a good chance you can stream 4 hours a day, from watching TV for a couple of hours and streaming for phone calls and music listening while commuting for a couple of hours more. I can see once the ConnectClip 3.0 becomes available, streaming for work phone calls using the ConnectClip 3.0 can take up hours more a day as well.

What about the warranty? And is there any warranty for the rechargeable batteries as well?


I just found the Oticon OPN rechargeable kit advertised on FactoryDirectHearing.com for $560 (retail $999 - sheesh!). On BuyHear.com it’s advertized for $375.

If your audi only charged you $300, Rocketmahn, I think it might be at his/her cost.


Update- I’ve been using the add-on rechargeable kit for 6+ weeks now. My typical daily usage is still typically from 7:30 am until 10:30 pm with no streaming. I have ran them until about 1:30 am with 2 hours streaming from TV adapter. To date I have never had a low battery indication. They have lasted longer than my day…

Yes - they are suppose to have a shorter charge after about a year.
My prior rechargeable batteries would not last as long after a year - they would slowly would lose an hour of charge until I would get tired of having them drop offline “early” and buy new rechargeable batteries. I would expect these to be about the same.
I understand that the replacement batteries are in the $30-$50 range. I think they purposely price them so that they are a “penny” less than disposables would cost! :thinking:
Not sure what the exact warranty is, they say that there is one and go to website for details - but it got circular.


Thanks for sharing. Would you recommend the upgrade to rechargeable batteries? I just got the OPNs without the rechargeables and am wondering if it is worth the upgrade, considering the huge box of 312 batteries that I have thanks to Costco.


If you still have a lot of 312 batteries maybe you should use them up first before considering a rechargeable system.

I wouldn’t consider it for saving money, but more for convenience if you don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of the day unexpectedly.


Can one have both the rechargeable and 312 batteries in parallel?

Like a Mophie Juice Case Pack on a smartphone to have two batteries - one serving as a backup to the other, but being charged only but one of the two depending on user’s preferences?

I’m wondering if this rechargeable battery system is mutually exclusive from the 312 battery system


The OP said you can interchange the rechargeable 312 batteries with disposable batteries.


You can use one or the other but not both in parallel at the same time. You will also have to remove one to make room for the other so it’s not like you can leave both in place and switch back and forth.


The rechargeable batteries are the same size as disposable 312’s. The battery door is the same as a regular door except that it is a smidgen longer with two metal contacts on bottom to make contact with charger when in the charging cradle. Just like the factory OPNs - you can only fit one battery at a time in a hearing aid battery holder.

Whether it is worth to you is an individual consideration.
Total life cycle cost (upgrade + a replacement set of batteries 12-14 months) likely exceeds the cost of disposables. Like many items that we own - we may or may not be willing to pay more for convenience, capability or other value. Earlier in this thread (or another) we discussed some of the benefits (never surprised with a dead battery and saying what? what? what? in a meeting, on a hot date, during your court trial or if you have bad eyesight or Parkinson and can’t easily replace 312’s - cradling HA is easy), and downsides (extra upfront cost).


One benefit I have not seen mentioned yet is not having to store the spent disposable batteries until you can get to the appropriate recycling / disposal site for your area.