Oticon Opn / Minifit receiver failure - how to investigate / repair?


I have had a set of Oticon Opns for the last year and a half or so. They are fit with the 85 level receivers.

I’ve noticed that the right aid is lately noticeably softer than the left ear. I’ve removed and swapped the receivers and it appears that the issue is with the receiver as opposed to the hearing aid itself. (Probably a good thing).

The wax guards have been replaced and on visual inspection I don’t see anything obviously blocking the output port.

These are my first receiver in the ear hearing aids and I’m wondering if receivers typically fail so soon? Is there something else I can check prior to making a trip to the audiologist? I’m assuming this might still be covered under warranty?



Having a receiver fail after a year and a half is pretty common. As far as it being covered warranty? My suggestion would be to read agreement with audiologist. I’m doubtful that it’s covered under factory warranty, but I think many audiologists do cover it.


Receivers are also quite inexpensive (even marked up, less than $100 usually). As MDB says, many hearing aid places cover it.