Oticon Opn iPhone app - lost ‘iPhone mic’?


All was well with the Opn app on my iPhone, but a week or two ago the ‘iPhone mic’ program vanished.
I’ve not been to my audi or had any adjustments to the HAs, and the feature worked well for me previously.
I’ve unpaired, re-paired, reset and reinstalled the app to no avail.

The only change that could be related is my getting an Apple Watch and using it (Opn there is pretty neat, too, even if it’s missing some things).

Has anyone else had the iPhone mic option disappear?


On the iPhone, it’s called “Start Live Listen”. You can find it at the bottom of the MFI phone connection menu, just above the Forget This Device option.

Are you saying that your “Start Live Listen” option disappears?


Thanks for the reply!
The ‘start live listen’ option indeed still exists in the Apple ‘Accessibility’ menus.
The feature that used to be there however was via Opn - I have programs P1/2/3 and used to have an explicit ‘program’ called ‘iPhone Mic’. That worked nicely, and I even enabled it during a business meeting (via the Apple Watch).
Since that time, the ‘program’ just vanished!

My ConnectClip arrived yesterday, so I’m not crying out for the option to return, but it was odd and frustrating that it’d just disappear.


I’ve not lost this part of the Oticon app but I am familiar with it. Quite odd that just that one part of the app would disappear. I would think that deleting the app entirely and reinstalling it would fix such a problem. It might also be worthwhile to do a soft reset on your phone if you haven’t. This happened when you paired the ConnectClip - is that right?