Oticon Opn IIC feedback sounds


I have new OPN1 IIC’s and one of them keeps having brief moments of what sounds like feedback . A quick squelch, it happens about once a minute .

It is not related to anything as far as I can tell. Nothing near my ear, no additional noise , no movement etc

Anyone have any ideas on this ?

Thank you

Possibly a little loose in the ear canal. I would go back to your Audi with the issue. If not that there may be a fitting issue.

I had considered that , but it feels pretty solid. I have recently just recieved them back from a refit where they are noticeably larger and deeper into the ear. That didn’t solve the issue .

Im brand new to hearing aids so I’m pretty clueless to these things

I have to ask after the remolding did your fitter do a completely new fitting of the settings. If not that can be part of the problem too. I still feel you need to go back to your fitter. Also he should be able to work on the fit back issue in the software

Well actually , no

I was told the real ear measurements would be the same , so there were no adjustments made .

The size of your aids were changed, correct? If so then there is the real possibility that the whole fitting is off. Also with the remake there is the possibility that the electronics is either faulty or some items were changed. Sorry but it sounds like your Audi took the lazy way out to me.

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Ok I will request they re do the fitting.

Because this mini feedback was there prior to being sent away for adjustment I am certainly wondering if it’s a fault with the electronics itself

I appreciate your thoughts

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I also have the opn1 iic and I love them :slightly_smiling_face:.
What you describe has happened to me a few times. It has been resolved by running the feedback analyzer.

I started with the Phonak titanium IIC but they were huuuuge

These are significantly smaller , even after having them enlarged