Oticon Opn Firmware 5 to 6 new features?

Does anyone know what upgrades came along with the 5 to 6 upgrade?
Trying to figure out if a long drive to auds is worth the trip for a firmware update on OPN 3!

There’s this…

One poster @Luga noted:

  • Support for the Oticon HearingFitness app
  • Update the Transient Noise Reduction
  • Ear-Level FM compatibility for all Opn BTE13 PP instruments FW 5 and earlier.
    All previously fit Opn BTE13 PP devices can work with the new ear-level FM options as long as they are updated to Firmware 6.

If I remember correctly, the transient noise suppression issue was causing streamed audio to cut out when local transient noise occurred. Mostly reported when using the TV streamer. Try search for details of this.

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A lot seems to have changed here in 10yrs. Gone are the familiar faces.

Once upon a time this forum buzzed with folks who passed along their knowledge. Have they gone on to greener pastures, tired of answering the same question(s) over and over!

This is what I found in the Genie 2 2019.2 notes in its installation folder. I don’t know if it’s the one to go from Firmware 5 to Firmware 6 or not. It’s just the latest note in the latest 2019.2 that I installed back in June 2019.

I think they already went from Firmware 5 to Firmware 6 back in 2018.2 already.

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When I received my hearing aids in December of 2018 my aids were at version 6.0. My aids are ITE OPN1 aids. this year I believe in late September my aids were updated to 7.0 but I was told by my Audi that not all OPN aids can be updated beyond 6.1. I was also told that my aids being the custom ITE aids were able to be updated to the 7.0 while most OPN MiniRite aids could only be updated to 6.1.
Sorry that is all of the information that I remember my Audi telling me

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opn1 iic max firmware 6.1

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That sounds right I have the OPN1 half shells with full communications

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For me, the firmware updates were definitely worth getting - OPN 1. Looking back at my notes, update from 5 to 6 took care of the aids cutting out while streaming when I coughed or other outside noise happened, as described by aggie60. A recent update to 6.1, my Audi said should improve battery life, but I also ditched the miserable ZPower and replaced the doors back to my original Oticon disposable doors at the same time and battery life did improve and is stable. 6.1 also fixed Live Listen on iPhone Xr - streaming is loud, clear and very reliable. I’m guessing it has something to do with EduMic although EduMic designation is now listed next to TV Adapter-but the only change made was the update to 6.1 firmware, and now it works perfectly every time.
So, I recommend you update the firmware. It bugs me that I don’t get notified when a firmware update is available; my Audi said there is no going back when you do a firmware update, so be sure.


My recollection is that when I bought my OPN 1 in December 2016, it was Firmware 2. There was no Firmware 3. When Firmware 4 came out in Q2 2017, it included the new technology Speech Rescue, along with support in Genie 2 for the newer OPN models (the BTE 13PP and the TCoil models). But it wasn’t until Firmware 5 that came out with Q2 2018 that a lot of bugs and instability with the OPN was resolved. Among those were fixes for better MFI streaming stability, elimination of the cut out or reboot when a loud transient noise happens, sudden and frequent reboot for no reason, etc.

To me, the Firmware 4 was a major milestone in terms of the addition of Speech Rescue. The Firmware 5 was a major milestone in terms of bringing much better stability and reliability to the OPN. The Firmware 6 to me was not a major milestone, but I think it incorporated support for more features like the HearingFitness app, which is of no value to me anyway.

The bottom line is that for sure you’d want to be on Firmware 5 at the minimum. But I don’t think you’ll miss much if you stay at Firmware 5 and not move the Firmware 6 or 6.x.

Thanks @Volusiano . Based on my usage (no cell phone connectivity to HA’s needed) that’s my feeling based on some of the info written here as well as info obtained elsewhere.

I haven’t done any thorough tests, but it seems I get another half a day of battery on 6.1

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