Oticon OPN - experience after 6 weeks

I have been wearing the Oticon OPNs for nearly 6 weeks now so I have additional experiences to share. Prior to the OPNs, I wore the Bernafon Juna 9s for 4 months. The OPNs do a much better job in noise and also with reverberation. I find that soft spoken voices are not loud enough even with these being adjusted several times to to make these voices louder. The spatial awareness is hit or miss. I was at a noisy BJs last week and heard my wife calling me, but could not identify where she was so I was basically looking in all directions to find her. On the other hand when in less challenging environments I am able to locate the source of a random noise or from where someone is speaking from.

For noise, these do a relatively good job. They are not a miracle cure. Yesterday I was on a fishing trip with about 20 coworkers. The boat was very loud as it cruised on the ocean. The captain also had the radio playing from overhead speakers. I was able to have one on one conversations with several different people over the course of the 4 hour excursion. That’s not to say there weren’t times where I had to “bluff” through bits of the conversation bc I missed parts here and there. However I was able to participate in many different conversations and follow the general topic. After the boat trip, we went to dinner at a very noisy restaurant. There was an overhead air conditioner blowing, several TVs on and a very noisy bar/grille type crowd. Luckily our group was broken into several tables. My table had 4 seats. I heard 2 of the people almost perfectly just missing an occasional word here or there, but again actively participating in the general conversation. For the 3rd person, his voice is at a frequency that just doesn’t agree with me (he is also soft spoken). I always have trouble hearing him be it in person or the phone. I’m able to converse with him in a quiet setting, but in a noisy environment, no hearing aids can help me overcome my challenge of understanding him. That is okay since this is a function of my hearing loss.

Further I would like to mention a few more scenarios. Phone streaming via my iPhone is flawless. No connection drop outs. The streaming works until the battery is just about dead and the beep indicating low battery plays. I wear these for about 12-13 hours a day and get 4-5 days even with daily streaming for phone calls. The calls are clear for the most part. Sometimes I feel the calls are too low, but when the fitter adjusted for that, calls were then too loud. I should also mention I have a low frequency hearing loss. This means certain voices transmitted via cell phone are always going to be a challenge for me. I hear most voices via phone okay and OPNs connection to my iPhone is very nice. The lack of a clip microphone like Resound has is an inconvenience as I have to hold the phone to my mouth when streaming, but eventually the ConnectClip will get released to address this.

Also once I adjusted the settings on my car radio, music sounds pretty good despite me wearing open domes.

I would say that the OPNs are very good hearing aids. Like all, their performance will vary based on the skill of your fitter and your hearing loss as well as what you need from them. My situation at home is noisy with two young kids and a yapping dog. Around the house I don’t wear my aids too often as I can hear my wife and kids just fine without them. My work situation is more quiet other than occasional social outings, but my job in a managerial role means I have to lead meetings, give one on one feedback, etc. So these aids are critical to my job performance. Lastly, I have never had them reboot randomly like others have mentioned. 7.5 out of 10.

Good detailed review…but how do the Opn’s compare to any other ha you have used or tried?

They are a definite upgrade over the Bernafon Juna 9s in terms of speech in noise and the iPhone connectivity.I only trialed the Rexton Trax 42s for a week or so but they were potentially better (hard to really compare off of memory) at handling speech in noise than the OPNs.