Oticon OPN Dead Microphones?

I’ve been wearing Oticon OPN1 MiniRITE HAs for close to two years and I love them. Recently, I started hearing a series of beeps - 8 beeps, in groups of 4, from my right aid. I looked in the Oticon ON app and the log says “Dead microphone detected”. I contacted my audiologist and she said to bring it in and they would send it in for repair, which I did. Now I am getting the same beeping pattern and same log message from BOTH hearing aids.

Has anyone else had any experience with this kind of problem?

I know some Oticon’s beep for when they need a service.

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First try new batteries, if it still does it then get back as fast as possible to your Audi for more than likely another replacement set

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Yes, that was the first thing I did. It doesn’t happen real often, every few days. I have alerted my audiologist… Thanks!

Yes, it did happen to me on one of my OPN 1 RICs. It’s basically when your mic needs to be serviced, usually when it gets too humid or when you partake in activities where you may sweat too much into the OPN mic port (although it’s supposed to be OK to sweat).

When that happens, your mic may not be dead completely yet, may still function like normal, but on the verge of failing at some time soon in the future. If you get that warning, you’ll have to turn it in for repair. If it happens to only one of your 2 hearing aids, I’d still turn in both of them for repair if still under warranty because there’s a good chance that it will happen to the unaffected hearing aid soon, too.


Taking them in for repairs today. I hope they are fixable (or replaceable!).

Hi, I’m new here. I am on my third set of Oticon opn s1’s since June for this problem. The right one is usually the worst. Now it’s happening again with both aids. Also false replace battery tones on mostly the right. Now, at the risk of sounding like a nut I have found on several occasions, that running water in the sink triggers both hearing aids with the 8 beeps. 3 times I went to get a drink of water and when I turned the faucet on, the whoosh or whatever triggered both aids with 8 beeps. It was verified on the Oticon On app. Once I went over by my wife while she was washing dishes and it went off. I have had a cough trigger the right and just talking triggered it. I have been keeping my cell phone with me the last few days to verify to my audi. This will be pair number three going in. The last time, Oticon replaced them, they said moisture even though every night I put them in the Dri Aid. They suggested one I wound up getting from Amazon with the fan and uv light, so they can’t blame moisture. Just a quick side story about wireless and actual sound… Many years ago we got our first tv with a remote control. My son was a toddler and was playing with some keys and when they jingled it would turn the tv off and on even though the remote was wireless. Anyway I will be going in for a repair again.

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I wear Oticon OPN1 ITE hearing aids, I live in a very humid area and my aids go in a dryer every night. The only problem I have had is with my right aid killing batteries, that aid was replaced and I haven’t had another issue with them.

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Hi Vinny,
Posting to follow up, both of my HAs were replaced back in August and have been working perfectly since. The only other thing that has changed is that I purchased and am wearing EarGear protectors. These are like little socks that protect the receivers from dirt and moisture. They are silly expensive but I sweat a LOT and I believe that they have made the difference in how long my HAs are lasting.

Unfortunately, the latest update to the Oticon ON iOS application has eliminated the “Log” function (or at least restricted access to it). This was very helpful to my audiologist and to Oticon Support.

Having said all that, I have never had problems like you are describing Vinny. I hope you can get them replaced and have better luck with them. I am loving mine!

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thanks for the responses. I’ll let you know.