Oticon OPN connect clip and BTD 800 USB with laptop

I have been using my connect clip and BTD 800 USB with my hearing aids and laptop for zoom meetings. Yesterday I started having problems with the connection. I thought it was the USB and connected a new USB. It was working fine until I left the room and was out of range briefly. After much difficulties I reconnected. This morning I again had difficulties reconnecting and it was then working fine for a couple hours then I lost connection. I did connect a USB docking station over the weekend, but I didn’t have any troubles the next day. Even when I disconnected/turned off all other Bluetooth devices I am still having trouble reconnecting the connect clip and USB/laptop and hearing aids. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I might suddenly be having trouble? The docking station is the only change (with added monitor connected), but again I didn’t have problems the day after I connected it and still have problems even if I disconnect it.

I will add that it seems to be more with the connection between the connect clip and the hearing aids as the bluetooth flashes blue and pop up of video/sound on laptop appears when I turn the connect clip on, then the USB flashes red when I turn the connect clip off. I am unable to switch between the laptop and USB mic (will not turn pink light on) as I normally can.

I have used the connect clip with the OPN1, OPNS1, and now the More1 aids, with my MacBook with out the need for the adapter. Over time I have had to reset my connect clip and pair everything again to refresh the connectivity. I also use my connect clip with my Fire Tablet and Kindle EInk reader. I believe over time the pairing data becomes corrupt and has to be refreshed.

Yes that includes the pairing between the aids and the connect clip. I sometimes find that one of my aids normally the left will no longer receive the streaming from the connect clip. A total reset of the connect clip then pair everything again works for maybe 6 months then I do it all again.

I tried resetting it again (I don’t think I waited for the red blinks the first time I tried to reset). I am still having trouble with that connect clip connecting with hearing aids. I have a second connect clip that I reset and seems to be working for now. Hopefully it will continue to stay connected.

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Early on with USB version 3 there were lots of reported issues with WiFi interference in the 2.5 GHz band caused by inadequately shielded implementations of high speed USB. That could be the computer, the cables, or the high speed device or some combination. For you, Bluetooth and the Low Energy version that is used between the ConnectClip and the aids operates in the same 2.5 GHz region as WiFi so your new setup may be causing interference.

At work we have an expensive workstation computer that has a wireless mouse with extra features for 3D CAD work. If a high speed memory stick is plugged into either front panel USB 3 ports on the computer the mouse immediately disconnects. The mouse recovers as soon as the memory stick is removed. That is probably a poor implementation of USB3 at the computer as the problem happens even with a well shielded (full metal case) self-encrypted memory stick that doesn’t cause problem in other computers with Bluetooth connected devices.

Many USB cables are not well shielded especially at the connectors. So a cable connecting your computer to the new dock could also be a source of interference .

I haven’t had issues with a MacBook Pro, several different Thunderbolt connected docks, and my ConnectClip and a BTD 800 and OPN S 1 aids but I have had issues with flakey cables. Of interest is an Apple recommendation to have no more than 3 or 4 Bluetooth devices connected to a computer at one time. And high rate devices (like streaming audio) can reduce that number.