Oticon Opn Bluetooth Pulsing/Distortion


Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. I really appreciate you taking your time. As to rebooting… of course, when I installed iOS 12, it was rebooted. I did a hard reset one time after that today. So that is not going to do it. I will try my iPad, however, I doubt that will do it. I think that something is attempting to connect to the OPNs every 3 minutes, or the phone is trying to do something every 3 minutes, such as check for email or something… and when whatever that is happens, the hearing aids go wonky for a couple of seconds. I suppose that if I uninstalled everything from my phone except Spotify, which is what I stream from, and it worked OK, then I could install everything back one app at a time and see which was the culprit. That sounds like a pain!



One other thing to check is to see if you have any other Bluetooth devices already paired with your phone that might have been on and inadvertently vying for connection with your iPhone against the OPN. To be sure, you can forget all the other BT devices except for the OPN to make sure that’s not what’s going on.

One other thing is if you had paired the OPN with your iPad before, and if both of them are on and both have BT enabled, there may be contention between the iPhone and the iPad vying for the OPN at the same time.

Also, there’s a possibility that Spotify may be the culprit. Have you streamed from iTunes or YouTube or something else and still have this issue?



All good ideas. I think that we can eliminate the “interference from other devices” theory. I take a two mile walk in the desert every morning, and at the far point there is nothing around for at least 3/4 mile, yet the problem still happens. Also, I tried streaming Apple Music this morning and the problem was identical. Still stumped. I did do some googling and people report audio skipping on iPhone and bluetooth, but, none of the problems sound like mine. Mostly, people seem to be having bandwidth issues. This is too regular, and it definitely does one side at a time, always lasts for the same amount of time (a couple of seconds).



I am sur you have tested this but what happens if you disable the Bluetooth on your iPhone? To just see if it is the aids or the iPhone.



I saw my Audiologist today and he mentioned that there will be another firmware update in January that will resolve some connectivity issues so this may solve the issue you are having hopefully…

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I am not exactly sure what you mean by “disable the bluetooth” If I do that I cannot stream through the hearing aids. Before I had the hearing aids I would stream through the iPhone speaker and through my bose wired earbuds, and had no such issues. I will hope for the firmware update in January. I am going back to see the Audi January 4th. Maybe there is a way for the Genie software to do something.



I have continued to experience this issue. Interestingly, it seems that one side or the other has the problem. I know that the hearing aids communicate with each other. I’m guessing that the side that is having the problem is either the first or last one to be turned on in the morning. I tried to get some diagnostic information from the iPhone. The instructions are here: Dumping bluetooth diagnostic info from an iPhone but I did not find anything useful in there. The iPhone is not reporting being disconnected. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the issue is in the hearing aids, not on the phone side.



If you placed the Bluetooth to disabled on either the phone or your aids and you still have the issues then I say it must be the aids or maybe you have them paired to some other device also.



I see what you mean about disabling the bluetooth, however, I don’t have the issues at any time unless I am streaming. I don’t hear any drop outs in audio if I am just listening to TV or to music played over speakers in the room.



I don’t know if we covered this before, but if you have your OPN paired to two devices, like both your iPhone and your iPad, you’d need to disable the Bluetooth on the device that you are NOT using with your OPN to avoid contention between the two devices.



All I have to do is disable then re-enable the Bluetooth and I can use the other device without any more issues



This happens when I walk two miles out into the desert. The only device around is my own cell phone.



Update on this issue. I went back to the audiologist yesterday and we discussed this problem in detail. Nothing showed up in Genie 2 and he confirmed that the firmware I have is the latest available. We got on the phone with his tech support at Oticon, and he described the problem. The audiologist switched the wires and earpieces on both aids, because he says that the bluetooth radios are actually in the wires. Because of the regular period and the fact that it happens on both left and right (see below) that seemed like a long shot, and it did not help. The Oticon rep said there is no additional firmware coming out any time soon and nothing planned to address this problem. They suggested that if the problem still occurred when tested with my wife’s iPhone 5s (see below) then the next step would be to send the hearing aids back to the factory for a full diagnostic.

Addition specifics are that the audio cuts out on one hearing aid or the other precisely every 2 minutes and 52 seconds. It will return after a couple of seconds but be scratchy for about 1 second, then it cuts out for another 2 seconds or so, then it comes back and is good for another 2:52. Whichever hearing aid does this, that one will continue to be the one that exhibits the problem for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, I took over my wife’s iPhone 5s and I do not have streaming problems with that phone. This morning, I contacted Apple about the issue, and was able to get through their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support, the 3rd one being in the Accessibility department. I explained that I had already done a lot of troubleshooting including putting the bluetooth diagnostics profile on the phone and dumping the sysdiagnose logs (see instructions in my earlier post. The Apple Accessibility support person agreed that there was nothing else that she could suggest, since I had already done all the steps that she would normally take me through. Therefore, she wrote up the case with all the information, got the sysdiagnose logs from me, and the case has been forwarded to Apple engineering. We have a follow up call to see the results of their analysis and to plan the next steps, and that call will happen on Tuesday.

I will report back on this thread on any resolutions, additional analysis steps taken, or with any other information that may be useful to others.

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I started with Oticon 4 months ago and have the same issue with streaming on my iPad. I would describe it as a “clipping” of the audio.
I would be interested in what you find out.



I’ll be sure to post the results. Anyone who reads this and believes that they have the issue that is the same as mine should also post. The more people that I can say have the same problem, the more it will be possible to convince Apple and Oticon to focus on and solve this issue for everybody.



Today I noticed some clicking while watching Netflix on my IPad which is an Air 2. At first I thought it was a network issue with the video download but I got it once more with a video that I had completely downloaded. I was not too bad just a few clicks and streamer skips.



Not sure if it is the same problem I have or not. Mine is definitely repetitive every 2 minutes 52 seconds and I lose the audio in one aid completely for the short intervals as described in my last post. Here is another thread that relates to people experiencing clicking. https://forum.hearingtracker.com/t/anyone-having-issues-with-apple-mfi-hearing-aids/32918/114


Bluetooth Problems with Oticon OPN S and iPhone XS Max

No it isn’t, my issue could also be devices fighting for connection. My aids are paired to a TV connect, my iPhone and my iPad. All in the same area



Just an update to this. I have been giving information to Apple engineering on this for a couple of months now. Just today they got back to me and wanted more information. They have said that they are “aware of the problem”, and since they keep asking for more, it seems they are actively working on it. Stay tuned. Will report when I have more.



Bob- did you ever hear back from Apple? Thanks