Oticon Opn Bluetooth Pulsing/Distortion

So, I just got Opn’s a few days ago, and are very happy with them. However, when playing media audio through my iPhone, there is a pulsing of sorts that comes and goes. There will be a bit of distortion, and then a few seconds later some more distortion. It is extremely annoying, and makes it impossible to listen to audio. Anything else having issues with this, or any possible solutions? Thanks!

One thing that has helped some is to uninstall everything for the aids (app and accessibility settings) and then reboot and reinstall.

spiderbyte I have had this problem with mine since I got them 5 months ago. I’m still waiting for an actual solution. Initially it would randomly start happening the first day after syncing and streaming for an hour or two. It would happen during both calls and audio streaming. The second day it would start very soon after streaming any audio signal. By doing a device forget and re-pairing it would start the timeline over again. For many months I would do a re-pairing every morning. For the last month I have tried only re-pairing when changing batteries which I do every four days. The warbling back and forth still happens randomly and lasts 5-10 seconds. Sometimes when it’s finished it takes a while longer for one side to start up again. My assumption is that Apple did something in one of the recent iOS updates that helped but didn’t fix.
Now that I’ve been wearing HAs for a while I’ve been trying to pay attention during the day to the level and quality of audio they produce. One thing I’ve noticed is one side or the other will become muted. The Oticon ON app will show that it is not connected and a few moments later it works again. It is not a complete restart with the startup tune. It’s just silent for a bit. I’m guessing it is a programing event but due to the super secret, highly classified and need to know nature of hearing aids no one from Oticon is willing or able to talk about it.
When the OPNs are working I notice a vastly improved hearing experience and the streaming issue while irritating seems of lesser importance. I just think that for the amount paid for the devices the least I can expect is for them to function as advertised.

I remember reading from another OPN thread that a new firmware for the OPN is being released soon to fix issues with the iPhone streaming. You should check with your audis on when it’s available for an update.

I think I was the first to note that in the forum. I hope to hear back Monday on what they’ve learned. At the same time I heard this months ago I also learned that different parts of the world have different Bluetooth protocols and that the Oticon developers didn’t know that. Huh!?!

I think most newer Android phones are already on Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy (or BLE) aka Bluetooth 4). But Oticon has only made their OPN stream directly with the iPhone so far and none of the Android phone yet. I don’t know if that’s because Apple has its own proprietary protocol for Bluetooth Low Energy that Oticon decided to support first or something? The part I don’t understand is that I thought that Bluetooth Smart (or Low Energy) is already a standard in itself, so why doesn’t Apple just use this standard instead of having its own protocol?

The Apple chip works a lower power and bidirectionally. It makes it work at a lower power than is required for BTLe. They bought the company that developed it a while back. It will either take a license agreement or developing a chip that gets around their patents.

This is happening to me with brand new OPN1 MiniRites and an iPhone 6S. Every 3 minutes, like clockwork, you get a couple of seconds of distortion and then things return to normal. You can hear the issue in one ear, then the other, back to the first, then back to second, and then it goes away. Rebooting the iPhone did not solve anything. Annoying, but, as yet, I have not found anybody that has solved the problem by searching online.

I haven’t had the issue I guess I am lucky.

Are you on firmware 6 on the OPN and iOS 12.x latest on your iPhone?

I am on firmware 6 on the OPNs. I am still on iOS 10, by way of trying to avoid other issues with the newer iOS, however, those issues are minor compared to this one, so, if I knew for sure that iOS 12 would solve the problem, I would move up. I will try pairing my iPad, which is on the latest and see if that makes a difference.

I would definitely recommend moving to the latest version of IOS for streaming to your OPN aids. My OPNs are on firmware 6 and my iPhone is on IOS 12.1.2 and I do not experience any issues while streaming (which I do a lot of). Before firmware 6 and IOS 12 I did experience a number of issues while streaming but not any more…

Upgraded to the latest version of iOS. Problem still exists. The frequency of the interruptions seems to be less, maybe every 10-15 minutes.

If you haven’t already done so you might try telling your iPhone to “forget” the bluetooth pairing with your OPN aids and then repair them. Worth a try. If that doesn’t cure the problem then it might be time to consider getting your Audi to send them back to Oticon for a checkup.

Others here in the forum seem to have good results with the OPN aids with firmware version 6 and the iPhone running IOS 12.

I unpaired and repaired as you suggested. I also uninstalled the Oticon On app. The problem is still occurring. It is still every 3 minutes ( my earlier thought about the period getting longer was in error )

By now after you’ve updated everything and the problem persists, there are two possibilities left. Either you’re experiencing some local interference or the OPN is bad.

You can eliminate the first one if not already by going to a different location like at work or outdoor to see if the problem persists or not. If yes, then it’s probably the OPN that has the issue.

I agree with Volusiano that those are the two most likely things to cause your problem. I suppose that you could try another iPhone if you have access to one just to see if it is something to do with the phone itself but that seems unlikely.

Another thought - have you rebooted your phone just to see if that might clear it up?

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. I really appreciate you taking your time. As to rebooting… of course, when I installed iOS 12, it was rebooted. I did a hard reset one time after that today. So that is not going to do it. I will try my iPad, however, I doubt that will do it. I think that something is attempting to connect to the OPNs every 3 minutes, or the phone is trying to do something every 3 minutes, such as check for email or something… and when whatever that is happens, the hearing aids go wonky for a couple of seconds. I suppose that if I uninstalled everything from my phone except Spotify, which is what I stream from, and it worked OK, then I could install everything back one app at a time and see which was the culprit. That sounds like a pain!

One other thing to check is to see if you have any other Bluetooth devices already paired with your phone that might have been on and inadvertently vying for connection with your iPhone against the OPN. To be sure, you can forget all the other BT devices except for the OPN to make sure that’s not what’s going on.

One other thing is if you had paired the OPN with your iPad before, and if both of them are on and both have BT enabled, there may be contention between the iPhone and the iPad vying for the OPN at the same time.

Also, there’s a possibility that Spotify may be the culprit. Have you streamed from iTunes or YouTube or something else and still have this issue?

All good ideas. I think that we can eliminate the “interference from other devices” theory. I take a two mile walk in the desert every morning, and at the far point there is nothing around for at least 3/4 mile, yet the problem still happens. Also, I tried streaming Apple Music this morning and the problem was identical. Still stumped. I did do some googling and people report audio skipping on iPhone and bluetooth, but, none of the problems sound like mine. Mostly, people seem to be having bandwidth issues. This is too regular, and it definitely does one side at a time, always lasts for the same amount of time (a couple of seconds).