Oticon Opn android app

Posted today on the Oticon forums.

We are preparing the final verification tests on the ON App for Android and expect it to be available on Google Play end of October 2016


I have been beta testing the Oticon On app for android for some time now with a Galaxy S7 Edge. Initially, the app did not work well, losing connectivity with the HAs frequently and requiring rebooting of the phone, and the HAs to reconnect. Over the past 2 weeks, the app has been performing quite well. Sometimes when I change batteries, I may still need to reboot the phone, but mostly it connects properly. The app allows me to control volume and program choices (I currently have two programs), and does that quite well. There is a feature to locate your aids if you misplace them. I can’t say how accurate that is, but it works find at identifying where they are when I have them in my ears. There is a feature that allows you to check battery status as well. It works pretty well, but not sure it is 100% accurate. Would like to see some streaming capabilities in future releases to make the app more useful. Still, it’s better than nothing.

Thanks Barbshop

I was looking forward to streaming. Guess I’ll keep waiting.

The Connect Clip (streaming for Android, etc.) is due 1st quarter of 2017 from what I’ve read.

Chrispete, do you have a link of what you read?

I am about to trial the OPNs, and I have an android phone. What will the android version of the app do? Everything the iPhone does? The online literature says you can stream music, take phone calls etc (iphone). Does the Android version not do this? How can I get a beta copy of the app to use whilst trialing the HAs?

Update on this: there is a launch date for the first week in February for the Opn phase II product which apparently includes the android App and other styles as well as other product in the range. There will be a new remote mic too.

Um bongo - do you think Phase II is such that waiting on a final purchase of the current OPN version would be warranted…considering the reboot and aids ceasing to work for no apparent reason?

The reboot issue is apparently something to do with the BLe implementation on Apple devices in the US, given that it’s a software fix, I would think that either a hardware flash will sort it or Apple will resolve it with an update. Whether that is coincident with the release of more of the Opn range is down to Oticon, but I guess it will be an opportunity to do it.

Um bongo thank you for this info

Is there documentation posted somewhere we can access?

Not to my knowledge - It was mentioned in a conversation with one of their internal sales guys.

Ah ok Thank you

I don’t off-hand. It was in a PDF that I found on Oticon’s site that was used when they presented at some conference or another (available on their public site).

The Oticon OPN ON Android App 1.0.9 is now available in the Google Play Store.

Thanks for letting us know. Just tried it out and it seems to work fine.

I wonder if using this app would drain the battery more or not because of the connection between the OPN and the phone?