Oticon opn and VA

Does anyone know when the VA will be distributing the Oticon opn? It’s been almost a year since Oticon brought out the opn.

If they aren’t already… They are probably waiting until are bug free and Android compatible. Did you ask them? They show on their inventory list.

Made a call… Look’s like May 1st.

Thanks. Maybe some day I can try a pair.

Just curious how it works with the VA if a line like the OPN has various models from the most premium being the OPN1 to the least premium being the OPN3. Will the VA allow folks to go for the OPN1? Or is there some sort of cost (or other) criteria?

They only issue the top of the models and all accessories with an eol cycle every 4 years. Of course all consumables are supplied and you can order direct from Denver without visiting your AuD. All at no cost to the Vet.

Huh? ,…

Nice! An EOL cycle of 4 years is also very nice!

And you can take your pick of whatever brand you want as long as it’s available in their inventory list? What role does the VA AuD have in the selection process? Accessories like TV streamer or neck streamer, rechargeable options, etc, are all inclusive?

My AuD was open to my choices but I am sure she would not have let me select something that was wrong for me. She is the type person who would have talked me out of it, not just refused. She was very informative.
They deal with everyone from Iraq vets to WWII vets. Some don’t have smart phones to stream but the younger vets are up on the latest stuff. You sit in the waiting room and can pick out the WWII, Korean, Viet Nam and the Middle East vets. A VFW volunteer was there signing up folks for the Honor Flights. Here in Florida, they are still on WWII vets.
HA folks are so busy here that you can walk in for HA service on Mon-Wed-Fri without an appointment. Great folks. I can’t say enough positive things, overworked as they are, always a smile.

Obviously your AuD isn’t going to let you pick something that isn’t appropriate for you lost but otherwise will work with you. When I was there you had up to 90 days to ask to try another aid. (I heard its 180 now) but really if you ain’t happy at 90 are you going to be happy at 180?

Accessories such as TVStreamers, etc… are available at no cost.

My current setup is the Carat Bx7, easyTek, TVLink, VoiceLink, eCharger and carcharger.

Most of my guys went home with this setup.