Oticon Opn and More with remote charging and disposable battery

Oticon has announced a combo charging ha. At least, I think this is new Rechargeable hearing aids | Oticon Opn™

I have the MORE1 but travel frequently. The interesting aspect of this article is that they acknowledge and address the issue that sometimes we need a backup. My brother’s Audi said that a combo will be available in September but he did not know if that was the opn or more which has different technology. Does anyone have news of a More with dual battery options? I posted a link earlier that suggested that may be coming but have been unable to verify it.

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That looks like the older OPN aids and the z power charger. I believe this is an old site.

Where/how do you travel away from a 5v USB supply or a battery?


Thanks! I have emailed Oticon to inquire about a dual charge option on the MORE1. I have one day to receive a refund, minus return fee. And then they said I could return in the fall. Did not offer to adjust the ha I had before I bought those on June 15.

At this time there isn’t and option, just rechargeable aids for the More aids. I love the More aids and haven’t had any issues traveling with rechargeable aids. It really isn’t any difference that cellular phones or tablets or laptops. I have a charger that is in my go backpack for traveling. Be a veteran and use to last minute travel notifications, I can be ready to go in a minute or two.

@Kem103: Here’s a screengrab from the link you posted to start this thread.
The copyright watermark at the bottom of the page says 2020.

The two-way charging option you’re claiming is not current information.

Thanks. I should have checked that.

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I see your point. There is a slight difference imho. It’s a reverse situation with cells. If you forget to take your charging cord when on a trip, it can be replaced via a quick trip to Walmart and your phone is charging. Iif an iPhone could only be charged via a wireless battery that could only be purchased from an Apple store that is open M-F (such as Oticon requires its customers to use), I think we would have a lot of unhappy iPhone owners. But, that is their choice. I believe that when apple cell phones first came out, some people could only find cords at the Apple store. Apple then made the smart move to let other retailers carry their accessories. Oticon has chosen the opposite.

If you always have what you need packed a head of time you aren’t going to forget it. Yes it does mean buying a second charger. But I made sure I had it as part of my hearing aids packing when I knew I was getting rechargeable aids

I think that the culture and expectations of iPhone owners are different than for people who wear HAs .

Hearing aid owners constitute a culture of disability and necessity, where technological solutions are highly constrained. The iPhone culture is just one part of a larger Apple ecosystem whose core capabilities are constantly expanding, aided by a larger domain of "satellite " apps.

So, you’re talking apples and oranges, right off the bat.

Because we’re physically dependent upon a closed oligopoly of suppliers working with an arcane and fast-becoming-defunct business model, we HA wearers have learned how to stash our necessaries, maintain spares for them, and prepare for a sudden disruption of our “supply”. [Remind you of any other subcultures?]

I just don’t think that the hearing device industry can be equated with the consumer electronics industry - yet.


Do you need to plug in the 2nd charger occasionally? Or is it like a shelf item.

Not true any more, Yes I am an Apple believer now. But I get my cables, chargers, cases all from discount stores. Walmart’s, Amazon, Dollar General, and in a pinch most any conventions store or gas station.

Mine only gets plugged in when I am on a trip. I even use it on camping trips with a battery backup charger, it has to be me that never shuts off when the aids are fully changed.

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Well written. Maybe the “yet” will occur as more generations want convenience and ease of access.

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Amazon, and eBay has some stuff for our aids. That would be important for you I am sure. As long as I have enough lead time I email my VA Audiologist and either pick it up at the clinic or the clinic mails it too me.

@Kem103: This is a certainty!

I contacted Oticon. Here is their reply:
“We will be expanding the More family of offerings, including a non-rechargeable mini-rite option. We don’t yet have a specific ETA for the non-rechargeable miniRITE, but it is a priority for an upcoming release.”

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@Kem103: That’s strange: I’ve been wearing rechargeable More mini-RITEs since March 2.

Oops! My mistake. I have corrected my quote from Oticon.

This is interesting because per a post from @lostdeaf as seen below, he thinks that the disposable battery version of the More will come out on August 10 per some tracks of this model on the FCC website.

But if we’re now about 2 weeks away from this August 10 date and Oticon support is still giving you the ho-hum answer, I wonder if it’s really going to make this 8/10 prospective date or not.

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