Oticon Opn 1: What adjustments to make to boost soft female voices

I have Oticon Opn 1. The other day, on a guided hike, a female speaker did an introduction. I had to turn up my HAs to maximum volume in order to hear her. Others in the group seemed to have no problem hearing her.
Then the actual guide took over. He was a man with a low-pitched voice, but not a real booming low voice. I had no problem hearing him. I was able to decrease my HA volume back to the default.
This suggests to me that an audi adjustment might be in order. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what specific adjustments in the programming software I could suggest to the audi to help me better understand soft female voices? Thank you.

You can ask your audi to go into Fine Tuning -> Sound Controls and turn up the Soft Sound Perception all the way to the right for the most Detail value (vs Comfort on the left).

If this doesn’t seem to help, another option is to try to program a different fitting rationale (like NAL-NL2 or DSL Adult, or NAL-NL1) in one or more of the non-default P1 program, and when you have issue understanding speech, switch to one of these rationale settings to see which one helps you more. I personally use the default P1 program that has the Oticon VAC+ rational most of the times, but when I have a hard time understanding somebody, I switch to my P2 which has the DSL Adult rationale. It gives me a sharper edge on the speech side to help improve my understanding of speech better. But then afterward, I still revert back to the VAC+ in P1 because I find sounds with VAC+ sounding more natural and not too sharp.

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BTW a guided hike would be a perfect use for a connect clip. Use it as a remote mic and have the guide pin it to their shirt/blouse. I’ve used it this way and it’s great.

Female voices are going to concentrate more in the higher frequencies. You might want to ask to try the DSL v5 prescription formula. It attempts to restore the higher frequencies more than other methods. This is what the gain curves would look like. With your somewhat of a “cookie bite” loss you have more potential to hear the higher frequencies than most who suffer from the “ski slope” loss like I do.

Thank you all for your very helpful suggestions.

Where can I find descriptions or definitions of those fitting rationales like NAL, VAC etc?

VAC+ is the proprietary Oticon fitting rationale. NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2, DSL v5a Adult, and DSL v5a Pediatric are all standard rationales out there. Just Google them up to learn more about them.

Here is one but it is pretty technical…

Thanks…as a self-programmer, I’ll take the technical. I also just fired up Genie and had a look at the controls screen for Nal-nl1, nal-nl2 and DSL v5.x. NAL-NL2 resulted in a big gain reduction kind of consistent with that paper reference. NAL-NL1 was pretty close to VAC+ and DSLV5.x Adult. Guess I’ll need a lot more study.

Really, you can read up if you want, but it’s still going to be academic. The real discovery will be YOURSELF trying out the various rationales to see what YOU think of them. You have 4 programs on the OPN, so you can try all of them at once. P1 for VAC+, and the other 3 for NAL-NL1, NL2, and DSL Adult.


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