Oticon Opn 1 vs. Starkey Livio AI

I’m currently trialing the Oticon OPN1 & the Starkey Livio A1. I’ve actually already paid for the Starkeys and am still able to return them but that option will expire soon. I thought I should try the Oticons side by side to compare them but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to just switch back and forth from one to the other.
The Oticons are $1000 more than the Starkeys. I THINK I can understand speech a bit better but it’s hard to say got sure whether it’s worth the extra $$$.

I’ve been wearing HA for 3-4 years now. I play guitar and within the past 6 months I’ve lost the ability to hear the instrument. I can hear something is being played by me but I can’t tell if it’s what I want to be playing.
I THINK the Oticons help me to hear it a bit better but again it’s hard to say for sure.

Is there anyone out there who has compared both of these models?

It’s not going to make much difference to you if there has. Each individual is unique and what works best for one is not necessarily what works best for another.

I am surprised that the OPN1s are more pricey. All of the top line aids are usually in the 6-6.5K range at private clinics.

If you’re a musician you might want to try the Widex Evoke 440. Widex have a following in the music community. That doesn’t mean they will work better for you but they might be worth a look.

Good luck


Hello hearhere,

I tried both Starkey and Oticon. For me, the device only performance (without the use of the phone app) was similar. That said, I did not have the benefit of knowing, comparing and confirming the programming quality to my specific hearing situation.

The Oticons may have had a slight hearing clarity improvement of 2-5%. I am unable to be more precise without the ability to do direct side-by-side testing in the exact same situation.

Streaming audio quality was notably better with Oticons over Livio. I am waiting for a pending Thrive and device upgrade to determine how much of difference in streaming quality is hardware or software based.

I use an iPhone. The Thrive app is much more full-featured than the Oticon. Oticon app is more simplistic, which may appeal to some users. The Thrive app does do more, and have more controls including tinnitus masking.

The Starkey devices were the rechargeable version. The Oticon devices were replacable battery-powered, and required me to replace them every 2-3 days. I do like the battery storage charger which allows you to recharge without power cables. I assume, but can not confirm that Oticon has a similar function.

I am pleased with the Livio devices despite not having the heart monitoring function available yet. I am expecting that streaming and app quality will both improve with the app updates.

If you have more questions, I welcome helping you and the community make the most informed choice possible.

It’s been a while since I’ve logged in but I wanted to say thanks for your reply!