Oticon OPN 1 streaming interruption/ disconnect with IPhone MFI


I’d concur; I’ve had the same issues. Seemingly, it’s gotten worse in the past 2-3 months.
(iPhone 5S)

I would guess it might’ve at least one, or more, of:

  • HA firmware update (5.x)
  • IOS 11.x (11.1 – 11.3)
  • “something else”

What helps:

  • Disabling WIFI (iPhone), or Airplane mode.
  • Use only 5ghz radios on WIFI devices. (kinda iffy, and/or impractical)

Other oddities:

  • bluetooth/MIFI connection drops near highway web-cams, and Air Force bases.
    (i expect that affects all BT connections, not just Opn/iPhones)

  • We keep parrots. Loud screeches will fairly often unsilence muted HA mics, and
    now and then, such screeches will crash the aids.
    (infrequently enough, that it’s almost amusing when it happens)

As time allows, will re-test changing noise-management settings, but IIRC,
this didn’t (seem to) make a difference.

if Oticon needs a re-producer, I’d recommend a flock of parrots …


I have never experienced drops while streaming everyday for 7 months from iPad, iPhone and TV adapter. Ever. I had an Audi appt late yesterday. I wanted to try Speech Rescue. The only change to my programing was turning SR on P1 Gen Listening only - not my other programs. No other changes occurred. Transient noise management remained set to Medium. Watching TV last night, I coughed. Yep! Streaming dropped for about 15 seconds. I actually watched it drop out repeatedly on my iPhone
graph by coughing. Sometimes it disconnected the TV adapter. Today I experimented streaming iPad - P1 w/ Speech Recuse - cough = drop. I changed programs P2,P3,P4 same You Tube stream, cough - no drops. Same result during call on iPhone 6. Sound dropped only while listening to caller and I coughed in P1 w/SR. Can be one side drop or both-maybe how long or loud I fake coughed affected this. No drops when call is in Programs no SR.
My outside mics muted, turned down or on had no affect.
My OPN’s are set to NAL-NL1 protocol.

My conclusion is the Speech Recuse processing is the problem while streaming at least for me. So far today, I haven’t been exposed to sudden environmental loudness so do not know if drops happen while not streaming.

Volusiano, are you able to mimic this behavior? I know you like/have Speech Rescue. And you do not use NAL-NL1, I don’t think.

I am curious if the people with the drops while streaming all use Speech Recuse.

Hopefully the Firmware 6 update will fix this issue. You will have to let us know!


I do have Speech Rescue enabled and I do have the drop out issue due to loud sounds. I use the proprietary VAC+ rationale from Oticon.


If you disable Speech Rescue, do you still have drop outs under the same conditions? I understand not wanting to make any experimental changes:grinning:


I’m experiencing the same thing after a recent firmware upgrade on my 6s. However, my wife has a 6 and received the same upgrade but has no problem. Another variable is she has not upgraded her OS to 11.4.1.


The dropout issue due to loud noise is sporadic only for me and not worth turning off the Speech Rescue feature as a solution, so I do decide it’s not worth the trouble to verify it 100%.


Anything new on this issue? I ask bc I emailed my audi @ it & she left me a voicemail for an apt. in 3 weeks. She said in response to my email that she had heard there were some problems and she would forward my communication to her Oticon rep. She is not very communicative nor hands-on, unfortunately.
I am really somewhat astounded that Oticon would push out a firmware update to millions(?) worldwide w/o thoroughly testing it. I’m also wondering if we consumers will have to pay for the office visit to fix their error (assuming they have a fix).
Don’t know how far back you go, but this reminds me of the bad old days when Windows 98 would crash and crash and crash and when Microsoft looked upon their customers as unpaid beta testers.


Oticon is supposed to have a firmware 6 update that’s coming this fall. Hopefully by the time you see your audi, she’ll have it available to do an update for you. But I have no idea and I haven’t heard whether the new firmware 6 will have a fix for the disconnect due to loud sounds when Speech Rescue is enabled or not.


Genie 2018.2 has the v6.0 update in it - I downloaded it last week and did the full update on a customer’s OPns from v5.0 to v6.0. My customer said that the Oticon app had prompted the update. Just to make you aware that the time taken for the update was just under 28 minutes and both sides happen at the same time.

If you are doing the ungrade, you’ll need the CS 44 wires and flex strips plus a Hi-Pro (and new batteries). That time above was based on my USB Hi-Pro, a pretty quick desktop PC too. It’s a big consideration for time constraints on the fitter and the office as the machine cannot be used for anything else during the upgrade cycle.



Can you share any specifics about what changes/fixes/improvements the v6.0 update includes? My Audi hasn’t received the software update yet, and I assume that is because it was rolled out in in Europe first? Thanks.


Rich, there’s apparently under the surface improvements for connectivity, but the biggest visible change you’ll see is the ‘health’ integration. The app also has the comms to connect with the newer models in the range too.


I got the firmware V6 update on my OPN 1’s today. I’m an Android user though so I also got Connectclip V1.1 applied. It took less than 15 minutes of updating for both. There was also an update to the android Oticon ON app, which mentions something called HearingFitness™ in the release notes, but I can’t find anything about it inside the app. Maybe my OPN1’s don’t support whatever it is.

Since December I’ve noticed the disconnect (due to loud noise even with mics off) issue many times. I haven’t had a chance to do much testing yet (just a few hours), but i’m streaming music while I write this, and haven’t had it do the disconnect/reconnect thing yet. Hopefully they’ve found the bug causing this and quashed it. I’ll post a further update in a few days with how things are going.


Thanks Syncros - very interested to know how it works out for you.


Thanks, Um_bongo! Good to know.


Thanks for this info, Syncros. Your feebback on the update is appreciated.


It’s interesting that this thread pertains to the OPN1 but I am having a REALLY similar prob with my Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids - just in the past 10 days or so. Just recently, as I’d stream to an AmazonPrime video on my Samsung TV, the streaming would just go flibbidy-jib with constant, non-stop, incessant breakup in the audio.

I’ve tried changing the batteries, rebooting the aids, swapping out TV streaming unit and the two cables it uses - all to no effect! Even odder, if I sit at my Mac laptop using the very same TV streamer hooked up to the Mac, I can stream the very same AmazonPrime video with ZERO breaking up of audio.

The situation is so bizarre that I have an app’t with my aud-guy this Friday to try and troubleshoot it. I am seriously wondering if some neighbor is jamming signals in my hood. But WHO? and WHY? There is no other detectable or known interference from any other source that would explain audio breakup while streaming to the TV vs my laptop.

If I get any answers from my app’t this Friday, I’ll be back for SURE! Otherwise, I’m just flat out of things to try.


My Audi did the firmware update on my OPN1s this week and so far I haven’t had any problems with loud noises causing interruptions or rebooting of the aids. I still hear the occasional fluttering in the connection when I first start streaming, and one aid will occasionally shut down if I put the phone down and walk too far away from it, but overall, it seems to work fine. (I have speech rescue turned on.)


Thank you Karentoo. I’m glad to hear of these improvements and have scheduled an update for next week. Fingers crossed.


To add my experience to the subject of this thread: I use my OPN 1s for telephone calls much more frequently than I initially anticipated. I can hear WAY more clearly than I could with my landline + binaural headphones + amplifier. HAs are paired with iPhone 7 without software update that I keep getting reminders for (sorry forgot number). Many of my calls are multi-party conference calls, and some last over one hour. As stated in other threads, this situation is often challenging for us.

I get drop out infrequently. I estimate average once every half hour to 45 minutes. Always just one ear, can be R or L. Typically lasts about 15 seconds. then seems to self correct and sound is restored to both ears. I’ve tried to be alert to what is causing this, and I can’t detect any cause. I don’t detect any loud or abrupt sound on the call or in my surroundings. I’m usually near a computer, but nothing unusual there seems to correlate with the drop out. I don’t consider this enough of a problem to seek a fix because I can always hear more-or-less OK with one ear for the brief period of the drop out. And I seldom use my HS’s for music, Etc.


So here’s my initial update on using OPN firmware V6 and ConnectClip 1.1 for streaming music from my android device.

As I mentioned in the past i’ve constantly had short 15s (or more sometimes) drops in the bluetooth connection, often correlating to loud sounds happening externally, even with the mics muted while streaming, the aids would react and one side would disconnect.

Yesterday I spent about 3 hours commuting. The bluetooth connection did not drop once. I had the window open beside me for part of it. I even had a fire engine go by with sirens blaring and still the connection held up.

I’m cautiously optimistic they have found the problem and the disconnect issue is either solved or going to be much less frequent. I’d recommend upgrading to V6 firmware to anyone with OPNs and to V1.1 for any ConnectClip users.