Oticon OPN 1 RIC Different than Demo?

Good Morning,

Used a Oticon OPN 1 Demo for about 3 weeks and then purchased. Noticing a weird difference in sound even though they were set up 100% the same (at least as far as audiogram input).

A few things:

  1. 2nd day of wearing when I put it in, the startup chimes + sound were at about 50% volume. Re-inserted and restarted and it was normal.

  2. Sound seems duller. Like I have the high frequencies and low, but the mid areas sound less vibrant.

Is it possible I have a defective unit? Or is it more like my ear/brain has adjusted after wearing these for 3+ weeks?

Maybe it’s because the “WOW” factor is gone and it’s just how it sounds on a daily basis. I’m not sure.

It could be you didn’t have them inserted properly. Try reinserting them.

Keep them clean. Over time the microphones cavity can pick up gunk. A brush should come with the aids to help clear this.

Wax guards can plug at any time. If you have lost volume, they should be changed. Your clinic should give you a supply and show you how to change molds and guards and provide you with a supply.

This is basic maintenance to try to prevent such problems. New aids can suffer infant mortality. So keep an eye on things that aren’t fixed by basic maintenance.

Can you share your audiogram?

Have your audi check to see if the automatic adaptation manager is set to on or not, which would reduce the volume level initially and gradually increase it normal over time. Even if everything else is set the same, this one thing may be different on a brand new hearing aid if the audi didn’t reuse the previous settings but reproduced the same settings but forgot this part.