Oticon Opn 1 replaced but service signal back after a year and a half

I bought on March 17 a pair of OPN from London England even if i leave in a different country. August 2018, my right hearing aid begun to trasmitt a service signal.
After three returns Otticon UK changed both my hearing aids even if the left was fine, in November 2018.At the invoice they sent me back, there is a reference that even this hearing aids, are coverd from warranty, until nov. 2020.
Surprise, Surprise, my right hearing aid is trasmiting the same signal again.
I try to contact sellers they tell me to refer to services in my country, but the last ones are telling me that the warranty is not valid outside the UK.
I tried to message to all the mail adress of otticon that i have from my last adventure, but no respionse since a week ago.
Any thoughts ? Help ?
P.S. I was thinking upgrading to OpNS but really I will hesitate to …

I assume that by “service signal”, you mean the 8 beeps for several times that you hear, signifying that the mic on the hearing aid needs to be service. Is that right?

I don’t have any suggestion on the warranty or service issue, I can only say that usually, the mic needing service beeps is usually because the hearing aids are subjected to excessive moisture to the point where the mic needs to be service. Sometimes you get this beep warning but it still seems to work OK, and that’s because maybe the mic performance is starting to be affected, but they’re not completely broken yet. The fact that you already got replacement once, but have run into the same issue again, suggests that maybe the environment that you’re in (or subject the hearing to) is too humid for the hearing aids.

So my only suggestion is to try to avoid using the hearing aids in excessively humid environment. Of course, if it’s just humid outside, you can’t really avoid it. I’m just talking about wearing them when you work out and sweat profusely, for example. While the OPN is rated to be water resistant (IP67 or IP 68? I don’t remember exactly), it’s still best to avoid wearing them in situation when your body sweat a lot.

And at night, maybe you can invest in a dryer to put your OPN inside. Not sure if it would help a lot but it doesn’t hurt.

thank you for your reply… indeed i sweat a lot . I changed the mic with another one but the problem insists. also, i ordered for a dhumidifier and I am waiting it. avoid wearin them is like not to wear them the whole summer, unfortunately

It happened to me once, when I played tennis outdoors and sweat profusely during the match in the humid summer time. I had to get it replaced, and after that, I try to avoid using it during those humid situations, and it hasn’t happened to me again.