Oticon OPN 1 or Resound LinX 3-D 9?


I have similar to you. KS8’s are truly great. Give them a try.


I wonder if any one in this forum knows about the white wax guard fitted at the tip of the receiver. I tend to have far too much wax build-up in my ears and am afraid that the guards will get choked with wax in no time. Since these guards are for replacement only periodically, not every other day (!), how can I keep the sound passage clean? Is wiping with alcohol impregnated cloth a solution?




Have you had a problem? I would think brushing your dome/mold once a day would greatly reduce any buildup in the filter and if you want to do extra diligence, brush the dome twice a day. I’d talk to your provider to see what you can do to decrease wax buildup in your ears.


Costco provides wax guards and domes at no charge.

Some people do soak them to clean the guard.


I agree, jleslie, they are really good. I forgot to set anything in a bar/restaurant last night, and I easily heard everyone at the table.

I have some fit issues to work out. If I returned them, which I don’t think I will do, it would be for fit and not for performance. I’m getting custom molds so that should solve it.


I am not sure what I can soak. Are the tiny white bits that require replacement called wax guard? And, where is the ‘filter’ in a custom mold? This is what I have been fitted on the KS 8 HP-Receiver, not a dome.


I was looking for a small suction device that can suck out any wax that may be clogging the wax guard hole. There are "blackhead removers’ like this one:
Amazon.com: Blackhead Remover, Vacuum Blackhead Removal Peel Tool Extractor Electric Skin Pore Cleaner, Rechargeable Suction Comedone Acne Eliminator Microdermabrasion Device for Nose Face Men Women: Beauty.

I do not know if this will help and would appreciate any comments.



Don, I’ve been having a fit issue too. The double dome and high power aid for my profound loss ear was continuing to slip out a bit and cause a squealing. We tried a longer wire, and it slipped less, but it still slipped slightly and squealed with a different pitch. The fitter suggested that we make a mold as that would likely stay in place. I suggested we try their Click Dome cover first. And Voila it’s great, fits, feels comfortable, stays in place and works just fine with the high power ha. Their fitting program suggests that my prescription needs the double dome and that the Click Dome is close but not quite right. However, that does not seem to be the case! Also, the Open Dome in my Moderate loss ear was slipping just ever so slightly. Not causing any noise but I could tell it had moved. We changed to a longer wire and Voila that stays in place too. The KS8’s are Great HA’s. (I have no relationship with Costco or Rexton…I am just an elated customer.)
Try it.


I am going to ask the fitter at Costco when I see him again , if there is a higher powered resound bte then the forte 8888
He thought would work for me.


There will always be some things that are wrong in the CNS and not correctable by an outside piece of hardware or software augmentation, e.g., sometimes the machinery that recognizes certain words or phrases, etc., just dies, no matter how well you physically hear what was said. The various dementias are extreme cases of this.