Oticon OPN 1 or Resound LinX 3-D 9?


I’m not convinced going with the 85dB receiver was a “mistake.” This isn’t a precise science where there are definite rules to follow. There are some people with audiograms like yours that wouldn’t be able to handle the full gain of what an 85dB receiver could provide. Plus or minus 5dB is reasonable measurement variation. Although power domes (or whatever may be usable with a 100dB receiver, to optimize the gain, a custom mold will do better. The numbers with the Resound receivers are defined in the small print somewhere. The big one is maximum output. Looking at the fitting range is more helpful. The fitting curve on their highest powered one maxes out at 120dB. If you don’t trust your fitter, it definitely makes it more challenging.


There is a lot to consider, of course.

Maybe, I will try to have an appointment with the other provider in my area (Venice, FL) to check if a better Aid is available for my state of hearing and also to see the fitting for my current aids has been done optimally (assuming it is not unethical).


It never hurts to try to trust your new fitter. It is a way to figure out how qualified they are. Let them make the setup and respond to a couple of appointment adjustments. You may find they are spot on in what they do.

We are great on advice here but depend on remarks from those who display professional status for the best advice. I think most of them will say go with the flow for a few weeks and you’ll become a better advocate for yourself. Decide if your trust is warranted before the end of the trial.


Thanks KenP. I intend to use the hearing aids with the 100 dB speakers for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I will try to consult another audiologist both to find if she/he has a better suggestion for my state of hearing and, if possible, to get my present aids checked for optimum fitting. My present Audi may indeed have the expertise to do without REM but it will be reassuring to have a second opinion.


It seems a majority don’t use REM. That is unfortunate but not unusual.


I’m coming into this conversation late, so please pardon the interruption if off base. I looked for a double-domed hearing aid that had greater than 100db gain as my loss is 100db in one ear and I wasn’t getting useful results with several aids I tried. I found the Rexton KS8’s from Costco, similar I think to their Emerald series, had 105db with double domes. I was also looking to have the hearing aid transfer some speech from my profound side to my better side to improve understanding. The Rexton tech support people insisted in 3 different conversations with different personnel that their model did this in the automatic program and that I would not have to use the Xphone program to fool the aid into sending “phone” speech to both ears.

They were absolutely correct. The moment the fitter place the demo aids on me I heard her speech clearly. This had not happened with the 4 previous aids I tried. I ordered the larger battery version and a second fitter programmed them with the same result.

These may work for you also as you also have unbalanced losses… Just saying.


What you’re talking about is to move the sound collected in the bad ear’s hearing aid over to be heard in the better ear. Which is one approach to the problem if it’s a foregone conclusion that there’s no option to get the bad ear to hear better all by itself.

What Akaybee is trying to ascertain is whether he can get his bad ear to hear better by itself first with its own hearing aid. If he can’t in the end, then he may have to use to your approach as a last resort.


p.s. The KS8 is an Apple MFI Bluetooth enabled aid. Friends say they work great with iPhones.


No. A BiCROSS would take all speech from bad side to good side. I didn’t want that as I wanted to keep the bad ear alive and working. I wanted an Amp-Cross process and didn’t think any aid did that except when sending the same phone to the ear Speech to both ears equally. The KS8 is way better as it sends some speech depending on source direction to the other ear. Both ways I think but I only benefit from one way. It’s actually quite amazing.


Interesting. I have unbalanced hearing but the left ear is not altogether dead. However, I will ask my Audi if KS 8 will be better than OPN 1 even with 105 dB and a mold.

Is there a Rexton equivalent model that one can buy directly from Rexton? There is no Costco outlet near me and I have to depend on local audios to do the fitting.


Rexton Emerald 8C. If you’re going to go non Costco route, there’s also Signia nx. You’ll be talking a lot more money than Costco though.


Thanks. I have to make inquiries before taking any action.


For what it’s worth after testing the LinX 3-D and the OPN1 for several weeks I’ve decided to stick with Oticon.

They are both excellent HA’s. For me I find the Oticon the correct choice.

I do not have the rechargeable kit yet, My understanding is that the hinged doors that need swapped out and charger are on back order.

Now that I’ve got the Genie 2 software loaded, what is the lowest cost way to take a peek as to how they are programmed?

Thanks everyone for the help so far.


I’d encourage checking out the DIY section (you’ll need to access from Categories–doesn’t show up on latest)
I think cheapest is still purchasing a Minipro programming device plus cables and connectors. I think total price is in the neighborhood of $300. Maybe I’ll have to take that back. Looks like one can get a NoahLink Wireless from eBay for about $330. Read up on the DIY section before making a decision though.

And to thoroughly anwer your question. If you just want to look at how they’re programmed, have your audi send you the file (or put it on a usb) and just open it in in Genie2. No programmer needed to just look at settings if you’ve got the file.


For Oticon (and Bernafon) the hearing Aid Firmware Updates must be done with a wired programming device so that should be factored into your choice of programming device.

Maybe if you have someone else (perhaps your Audi) who can save your hearing aid settings first, then perform a hearing aid firmware update, and then restore your hearing aid settings, then you can get by with Noahlink Wireless/Airlink 2 (same device).

You should be able to get wireless for less than wired at this point in time.


Thanks MDB.

I have found a Costo outlet less than 20 miles from where I live. I find their suppliers are Rexton, Resound, Kirkland, bernafone and Phonak. I am interested only in MFI H/aids and have looked at Resound ENZO 3D models from Resound websites. They have one RIE 62 model, Ultra Power 129/75 (not sure what these numbers mean) and two BTE models: High Power 88 (132/73) and Super Power 98 (141/83), all of which have fitting range beyond 105 dB (my worst threshold for the left ear at high frequency).

Can anyone tell me if any of these models are available at Costco? Costco have Resound Forte, with 4 RIE models #1194298 and 2 BTE models # 1194296. Quite possibly these are similar to the ones I mentioned above but I cannot access the relevant details or data sheets.

Can anyone please help?


The first number is the maximum output and the second number is maximum gain. Costco has models for your hearing loss in Resound, Phonak, and Rexton (don’t know anything about the Bernafon). I’m using the Kirkland 8.0 which is a Rexton. Plenty of power.

I have loss dipping into 105. My uncomfortable level is around 110 and that is where my MPO is set. So my power receivers have plenty of power that I will never be able to use.


Thanks Don. Very useful info.
Btw, how much do these hearing aids cost? I understand costs are very competitive at Costco.


I think the Costco KS-8 run around $1599.00 a pair. There web site lists some pricing on hearing aids.

Hope this helps😎


Thanks for the info. Less than half the price of an OPN1 pair I was quoted by discount retailers, and hopefully with similar specs.