Oticon OPN 1 new user questions

There are enough reports that isn’t likely. More likely is a design flaw. A guess would be a circuit spec that goes out of spec in certain conditions. Seems all companies spec in a quiet room with the own sound generators. Those aren’t truly real-world conditions and they missed it.

Agreed, wind noise very problematic on Opn 1s.

I’m sure I look like a English Pointer trying to aim my head towards the sweet spot where wind at the beach is minimized. I am also noticing it in the car when I am not really close to the source.


My aplogies for my delayed response. Though I really liked the OPN’s, in the end I chose the Resound LINX 3D. They have a better fit with my personal preferences. I’d recommend everyone to trial at least two different hearing aids. The OPN’s are good hearing aids but personal preferences differs for everyone.

Sorry to necro this thread for such a trivial reason, but… user name checks out.

You are using 2.4g hz Wi-Fi

5g hz Wi-Fi should work perfectly, at least for me. I have problem with 2.4g hz Wi-Fi too but my router supports 5g hz and I only use 5g hz