Oticon Opn 1 HA's

Hello! I’ve been testing the Oticon Opn 1. I used it with de android app “Oticon On”. This app can monitor the battery levels of the Hearing Aids. Last week, I’ve used the HA’s during 4 days, testing it a lot of hours: streaming TV, streaming music from phone (with ConnectClip), receiving and making calls. I’ve to the levels of the batteries in the Oticon On app, but they were always completely green. At the 5th day the HA’s stopped working, as the batteries finished. Conclusion: the Android app didn´t do the right job. Can you help me? Someone had the same problem? Thanks to all!. Francisco (from Portugal)

This is a universal problem (not limited to Oticon) Basically the battery discharge curve is very flat. They look good,… until they don’t. Either make sure you have batteries with you, or figure out approximately how long your batteries last and change them on schedule.

Thanks, MDB! I’ll do it. But let me add something. This was the second test I did with Oticon. The first was around final November. I am pretty sure that the app Oticon On for Android used to show the right levels. I remember, after 2 days the levels were turning to grey colour. I’ve kept the the same app installed. I’ve only changed to a new pair of hearing aids. Is it possible? Or will I’m just creating a confusion? :slight_smile:

Not quite sure what you’re asking if it was possible. That the battery app worked properly with the old hearing aids? Seems unlikely that it really “worked.” My guess is that they occasionally give readings that look meaningful, but are really kind of random. I’m going off of what I’ve experienced with my hearing aids and what I’ve heard from numerous others on the forums. I haven’t heard anybody comment how wonderful his/her battery meter is.

Thanks, one more time. Tomorrow I’ll do some more trials. If I get something new, I’ll share it here to all. The main problem is that my android app shows always the battery levels completely green, as if they were totally new. This is not normal.

What does the app show when they’re dead? If still green, I’d agree something’s not right, but it’s still not going to get more useful.

Last week the batteries went dead, after working during 5 days. But the app continued showing the levels completely green, as if the batteries weren’t never used. This is the problem. Maybe I’ll reinstall the app tomorrow and see what results. Thanks a lot MDB!

Those battery meters are pretty much useless. Just average out how many days your batteries usually last and then change them on schedule. Also try to always keep a spare set of batteries with you, I use a small plastic keychain holder which holds two of the batteries.

Thanks Bruce! I’ll follow the advice.

The variation is probably not due to the app being incorrect, but due to how the individual batteries perform.

When you saw some indication of a weaker battery before on the app, that’s probably because that battery is more inferior so its output drops more gradually, hence the app detected the drop more readily.

When you saw no indication of a weaker battery on the app, it’s more likely that this battery is a better built battery and therefore has a very flat output voltage all the way until it dies. Most of the batteries are/should be this way, so they render the app useless because the batteries don’t give the app ample warning and therefore the app can’t relay that warning to you.

After all, the app just does what it’s programmed to do. So any variation you saw on the app, from being more reliable before to less reliable now on the battery level indicator, is not due to the app being unreliable, but due to the batteries’ levels being unreliable from one battery to the next.

What about the warning sound of “low battery”, is that an option you can use

Yes, that’s what I rely on exclusively. You will get a fairly early warning. I would have a good hour or so if not more before my battery dies after the warning chime goes on. And you’ll get several chimes before you get the final dead battery chime.

I never really need to use the ON app for anything.

Any app to show the battery level of hearing aids are not accurate. I always carry a spare battery at all times. The low battery chime from the hearing aid has been always reliable.

Thanks to all. The solution will be listen to the battery chime and to have a pair of batteries in the pocket. Easy! :slight_smile: We had a good sharing space. Today I got a new problem: can´t pair the HA’s with the Oticon on app. But I’ll send a new question. Regards