Oticon On app, How to use just one aid with app


Hello, i have a, problem using the Oticon on app. I have one right hearing aid and am trying to control the volume with my android. Problem is after I search for my one aid it says waiting for partner aid but I’m only wanting to use one aid. How do I by pass the app searching for the 2nd aid and use the program? Is there a way to turn up the aid without the app? It’s the right side Oticon opn 2.



When I tried to open up my ON app on my android phone with just one OPN on and the other one with the battery drawer out, it basically connected to the one on and the one not on is shown to be disconnected. I then was able to control the volume on the one that’s on just fine.



@iahfinity, I think @Volusiano answered your question about how to control volume on one aid with the app–but you also asked how to turn up the aid without the app. I assume you have volume control programmed into your hearing aids and that your audiologist does not have you at a set or progressing volume. If not, then you can just hit the button on your right hearing aid to increase the volume. The left hearing aid button would reduce the volume. Right for volume up, left for volume down. I hope this helps.