Oticon ON App and Android: which phone works?

I know I’m not the only person with problems with the Oticon ON app…

My audiologist tells me she’s been seeing many clients with issues with the app, but not from iphone users. That doesn’t help me, as I use Google’s Fi cell service, and iphones have limited functionality with it.

The app is frequently useless with my LG35 phone, especially the TV adapter. Oticon support suggested, first, that I buy an iPhone, then opined that perhaps a Pixel phone would work with the app. I’m willing to purchase a new phone, IF the app will work with it, this this post:

Can anyone report that their Android phone works well with the ON app?

Thanks in advance.

My pixel 3 and Samsung 8+ work fine. Disappointing that there is no streaming on the Android phone.
I got an ipod touch for music and it sounds great through my aids.