Oticon More1 MFI connect

Suddenly have this problem with iPhone and More1. The More1 shows as “Connected” under MFI but can’t hear phone calls via the iPhone. I have bluetooth on but Oticon More1 is not shown. What am I missing?

I would restart the iPhone, the iPhone after a while runs out of memory and needs to reboot. You may also need to restart the aids.

Thanks. I tried that and still no streaming from iPhone. The batteries are at 100%. Just as a test, I was able to stream from my iPad using music. The iOS is 14.6. Any ideas please?

Number one while I have the IPad I don’t have it paired to my aids, the reason why is that for some reason it always takes control of my aids. Try disabling the Bluetooth on the iPad. And never have both your iPhone and iPad Bluetooth enabled at the same time if you want to have the aids paired to both. I have a connect clip that I connect to my iPad when I want to stream from it to my aids.

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I would second Chuck’s (cvkemp) recommendation of not pairing the More 1 to multiple iOS devices because if you have Bluetooth enabled in both of them, they may come into contention. At the minimum, try to disable Bluetooth on your iPad before trying on your iPhone again.

While you can confirm MFI connection with your iPhone, you should not see the More 1 displayed with connection on the Bluetooth page. That’s because it’s not a standard BT connection, it’s a special MFI connection.

I also assume that although you said you can’t hear phone calls anymore, it’s not just phone calls that you can’t stream from your iPhone to the More, but any kind of streaming like music or video from other apps as well, right?

If it used to stream OK from the iPhone and all of a sudden stops working, but you can get it to stream from your iPad, most likely it stopped working because you paired it with the iPad then leave BT enabled on your iPad, so the iPad pairing has now taken over the connection to the More.


You both are correct. It showed iPad connection on iPhone. I deleted the hearing aid device and shut down iPad. And paired the hearing aids to iPhone after restarting it. So problem solved! I also verified that audio routing was set to automatic which is irrelevant mostly for me but may help others. Thanks again

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Yes. I agree. I have OPN S1s and have encountered the same issue. I disable the Bluetooth on the Ipad as it tries to wrest control of the hearing aids from the phone, often quite successfully.

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