Oticon More next generation?

I actually misread original post and thought he had Mores. No sense sending in aids if they’re not under warranty.

I hope that Oticon will come out with the Xceed replacement aids sometime this year. Hopefully in March.

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@Volusiano: … but we’re probably pretty safe to assume that whatever it is, it will be a genuine Oticon ®️ brand invention.


My best guess is baked in ChatGPT!
A whole new world will be OPN! and You’ll get More(ON) out of what you OWN!

And, they’ll be powered by Tesla batteries for maximum enjoyment…for up to 1 year on a single charge!


Alcohol powered fuel cells that go a month on a filling.


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@flashb1024: Exactly, Mr :zap:Flash:zap: , Exactly!

Cheers everyday and the HA’s will charge up

Widex were first, way ahead of time!

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It’s interesting, but until we know what the cost is compared to the current Li-ion rechargeable batteries, the jury is still out. The fact that you can charge it in 20 seconds is not a big deal if the current Li-ion rechargeable battery solution can power through for the whole day and there’s several hours at night to recharge anyway.

If a 20 seconds to recharge is an advantage because you can recharge it in the middle of the day, then it’s still a hassle because you shouldn’t have to recharge it in the middle of the day if it already lasts all day long.

So it’s not clear what problem Widex is trying to solve here. OK it’s battery free but it’s still fuel cell laden, so you just trade one shackle for another. If the fuel cell lasts for a whole month or something and the cost is the same or less than the Li-ion solution, then OK, there’s reason to be excited.

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@Volusiano: Once again, and for whatever it’s worth, I agree with this analysis. I can’t add much, except to say that my “issue” is my need to have a seamless power supply so that my activity is not dictated by the HAS’ charging cycle requirements. Disposable batteries that last from 5-7 days would work for me.

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The Widex fuel battery failed, at least that was my recollection at the time. It was pulled.

Here is a guess. Toyota make the hydrogen fuel cell powered Mirai as a CARB compliance vehicle to also appeal to those who are against fossil fuels and rechargeable batteries. A fuel cell powered heating aid does not have disposable or rechargeable batteries so it might have appealed to that small market’s view of “saving the environment”.

How about just continuing with what we know works, nothing fancy not thing so complicated that the ones that really need them don’t give up because they are so complicated they can’t understand them. And oh yes something the really works without needed a PHD to operate them.

@cvkemp: NO, Chuck, because then, you wouldn’t be able to call it a “revolutionary new breakthrough in hearing” and jack the price by 40% …

So - NO, Chuck! :laughing:


I guess we will just disagree

@cvkemp: What are you talking about, Chuck?

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Sorry I am really distracted with home plumbing issues and preparing to go back on our anniversary cruise


@cvkemp: I understand. No sweat.

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@SpudGunner guess who just ordered some genuine Oticon More 1 aids? I have an appointment next month to get them fitted.

I forgot to ask about your sales commission though.


@prodigyplace: Congratulations! You’ll never regret buying the very best

No sales commission is necessary: I offer my wholehearted endorsement of genuine Oticon®️ brand More1s as a public service because I genuinely believe in them and have experienced (as has @cvkemp) their miraculous effects on my hearing :crazy_face:.

(As has my horse, Saul, whose laminitis has disappeared due to the salubrious effects of these marvellous devices!)