Oticon More Firmware 1.4.3

My Mores just received the 1.4.3 firmware update.
Is anyone aware of the changes that were made in this release?

How did you get the update? At your audiologist office?

I have Genie and a Noah wireless at home. I was tweeking a few settings and noticed that it said there was a firmware update available so I updated the HA’s to 1.4.3.

After the update my hearing aids didn’t use AI and nanobots to physiologically alter my neurological pathways and restore my hearing loss, they didn’t automatically translate foreign languages to English as it was spoken, heck they didn’t even whisper in my ear throughout the day with would be winning stock markets picks - so disappointedly I’m assuming that it’s just a minor firmware update as nothing seems to have changed.

It would be nice if they made a revision change log available with the updates…


Brilliant :joy:

Firmware upgrades tend to be just for compatibility- with a new version of Genie, the app or Bluetooth


I have the More 1 hearing aids; I just got the 1.4.3 upgrade. It fixed an issue I had with answering phone calls on my Pixel 7 Pro Android 14 QPR1 beta 1 (I have had the Android 14 beta 5 and each update till now). On the 1.4.2 firmware, I could not answer the phone and keep the hearing aid working by Bluetooth. The people could hear me, but I could not hear them. If I switch to the phone or speaker, it will work as expected. After the update, I now keep my phone calls in my hearing aids as expected. Of course, I know that my voice goes into the phone and not by the hearing aid. I am talking about my caller’s voice.

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I have the Samsung Galaxy S23 with Samsung’s latest beta version of android 14, I haven’t had any issues with my More1 aids being connected for calls and I have version 1.4.2 of the firmware on my More1 aids. I know since installing the beta version if android 14 i have had 2 major updates and one minor patch added to the original beta install.

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An update to the pixel dialer helped make it work when i called people to keep their voice in my hearing aid, but if they called me, it did not work. that makes me think it might partly be a pixel-dialer issue. Now, though, it works, so the new firmware does help.

My Samsung Galaxy S23 uses the Samsung phone app and not the google phone app, but I believe the google phone app is the basis for the Samsung phone app. And I have to say my aids seem more stable connectivity wise using the beta version of android 14 then it was on android 13.

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