Oticon More Firmware 1.3.0 and Hands Free

Now that the Oticon firmware 1.3.0 is available to allow Hands Free calling on iPhones 11 and up with the phone in a pocket that then uses the microphone from the HA rather then the phones microphone, how well is that going? Does the sound on the receiving phone sound as good as the iPhones microphone ?
Will pulling the phone out of pocked to answer use the phones microphone then?
Anyone have any negative experience after the update?
I’m very happy with my iPhone 11 streaming directly to my Oticon More HA, the best thing about this new to me setup being able to make phone calls during less then ideal conditions and still understand the conversation.

To be honest I have it disabled, I have the IPhone 13 mini with the More1 aids. You have to still answer calls from the iPhone, no way else to do so. And once you start a call you can’t switch from using the hearing aid microphone to the iPhone or the other way around, you are stuck with the setting that you answer the call or start a call with.


The sound for the other party in a quiet space using the aid microphones is fine.

In a noisy space the noise is also transmitted.

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Thanks for the replies. That’s what I had expected probably not enough reason to get the firmware updated just to achieve hands free. Don’t think I would use it anyhow. Can’t say it often enough I really like how my phone / HA works for me.
It was the best advise from you vkemp and others to switch from Samsung to iPhone after getting the Oticon.
I do have the Noahlink Wireless and could update the firmware myself (long drive to where the Audi is)
but for right now I’ll leave things the way they are.

It works fine for me. Biggest advantage is that you don’t have to be near the phone to have a conversation, for example in another part of the room away from desk with phone on the desk. It even works with phone in another room, if it’s within Bluetooth range.

You still have to answer or make the call from the iPhone. My iPhone is the mini iPhone so it lives in my shirt or jeans pocket. I personally don’t see the purpose of the hands free when I can’t answer it with the aids.

You are quite right, sir!
Only Phonak has the ability to answer a call from the aids.
What’s the use Oticon?

I still use my ConnectClip for total Hands free calling.
I’ve got a ASHA capable android, but still prefer the Clip!

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I can see this as an advantage when working and don’t want to hold the phone while looking for something or doing stuff by hand.
So you have to answer the call with the phone, at that time do you have a choice to go hands free or talk through the phone ?
From other answers I gather you can’t switch while the conversation has started.

No you make up choice before the call s taken and can not change while one the call.

For those with an Apple Watch you can answer the call by tapping that button or make a call with Siri while never touching the phone.

Interesting I haven’t been able to get it to stream to my aids

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Yes, you are absolutely right. But when in open air or noisy environment, the sound quality is very poor or could not hear the caller voice. But in a quiet, or car & furnished room, the sound quality is good. I might need the Audi to increase the volume to the maximum in next coming setting.