Oticon More Bluetooth - what will it be this time Left Ear, Right Ear or both

I have Oticon More 1 with the latest Version 1.3.0 firmware. When I try to stream a call or audio (Pandora, Sirrus, etc) from my Samsung S10 phone (latest Android OS and updates) it’s a crap shoot which HA it will play through. Left only or Right only.

When I connect and disconnect Bluetooth enough times it will finally connect on both and then it sounds great. Over the months I’ve tried re-pairing, power cycling, holding the phone right in front of face etc. Interestingly the Oticon app usually connects immediately to both HA’s for volume control etc.

Does anyone else have this issue? I haven’t tried the Mores with a newer Samsung phone (mine is on the approved Oticon phone list) that may have a newer Bluetooth protocol.

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I am going to be as honest as possible, Android and hearing aid technology just hasn’t matured yet. Also the More aids are the first aids that Oticon has tried to make compatible with ASHA, and ASHA hasn’t had time to mature, and the fact that Android has so many different phone hardware to deal with. Apple has had MFI for many years and there are still issues that pop up here and there even now after all of these years. Also there is the issue that hearing aid companies have to deal with such low power batteries to do every possible thing that the hearing aids does, it is a miracle that MFI or ASHA even works at all. I have the More1 aids with iPhone 13 and I have issues at times too.


I have Mores and iPhone 11. I don’t have problems streaming from the phone but have the same problems you do with the TV Adapter 3.0 and Oticon app. Sometimes it’s the right HA and sometimes it’s the left but the app doesn’t show the TV is streaming to the HA’s. Just the little spinning wheel on the app registering % connection. Often it freezes at 65%. Sometimes it indicates that TV is not streaming but it is; however I can’t adjust the volume. This is a different problem from yours but in general Oticon streaming is very poor.


I also have the issue with when using the TV adapter, l loss connectivity with the app and iPhone but not with the he TV adapter

Yes, same thing for me. I’ve tried everything to fix it by turning HA’s on & off, “forget devices” and re-pair in Accessibility setting and sometimes that works, but usually it corrects itself in time. I think it’s a problem with the Oticon TV Adapter.

I disagree I believe it is just a power need overload for the hearing aids. I have the rechargeable More1 aids it it seldom happens for me until the batteries of my aids go below about 50%.

@Rocketmahn , I can assure you, that it’s not your Samsung.
Funny, all the replies have been by iPhonys, but I also am of the android world (Pixel 5a).

My issue with intermittent bluetooth is rather infrequent, as opposed to the More1’s just rebooting at random moments.

Like @cvkemp states, the processing power required, and amount of current available is very limited by the hearing aid dimensions, and battery capacity.

Maybe, if we could power them at 12V, we’d be jammin’!


I don’t have rechargeable batteries so next time I’ll take a look at my battery charge level. Although it probably happens when batteries are more than 50% charged, because by the time I get to 50% of charge, I get a notification and have to change the batteries very soon afterwards.

Yousaid re paired, try this

  1. Forget aids in app
  2. Go to phone settings and totally disconnect and remove all bluetooth to aids connections
  3. Re instal and re pair your aids.

That works sometimes, and not others. And never works very long

I use an iPhone SE and Oticon Opn S1s with replaceable batteries. The only time I’ve ever had an issue – and it is very rare – has been when 1) a battery, typically on the left, is getting close to the end of its life, or 2) if a wax buildup suddenly occludes the speaker. Either opening and closing the battery compartment, or pulling out the aid and cleaning the business end, works for me.

I have Oticon OPN S aids and I have similar complaints. Bluetooth connectivity is a real crap shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes you have to go through all kinds of manipulations. If your batteries in the aids are low, even though they still work otherwise, Bluetooth can be a problem.

I had a weird trilling chatter while using Bluetooth streaming for a couple of months, that just went away on it’s own. Technology is always troubling especially for a 78 yr. old who’s patience wears thin!