Oticon More 1R, Connecting to Android, phone calling

I now have a set of Oticon More 1R hearing aids. And by luck, I recently replaced my cell phone with a Samsung S22, which connects to the hearing aids.
I’ve gotten the aids to pair with the phone, and can stream podcasts and live radio, but I haven’t figured out how to have them work for phone calls.

I’ve looked at Oticon and in here, and haven’t found anything pertinent.

Will the galaxy S22 allow me to use the hearing aids directly when making/answering a phone call? If so, is there a specific process I need to follow?

I have the hearing aids paired with the phone, but when I make a phone call, I don’t hear the call in the hearing aids. Am I missing a step somewhere?

ALSO - is there a way to pair the hearing aids directly with a PC? Or is that some form of Bluetooth only cell phones have?

You should be able to stream the calls to your aids but you will not be able to answer calls from your aids, nor can you use th microphones on the aids when talking. Hopefully others can give you more help.

I JUST got it figured out… There’s a Bluetooth symbol on the phone when you make a phone call. If that’s ON, the phone talks to my hearing aids.

It works pretty well, certainly better than my ConnectClip, which is always distorted.

Is there a way to do the same thing from the PC? Streaming from the PC without the ConnectClip would be great…

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Not the right Bluetooth unfortunately….

Different Aids but same issue.

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Sorry, the CClip or TV Connector are the only methods to BT. with a PC.

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Does the particular Bluetooth used for the phone-to-hearing aids have a specific name? I’m curious if there might be drivers available for a PC - I can find information that says “Bluetooth”, but nothing that says exactly WHICH Bluetooth…

Hands free Profile(HFP) and there’s also another
(HSP) most PC don’t handle these very well.
Driver isn’t going to help on this.

Bummer… Well, it was worth a try. Thanks for the response.