Oticon More 1 Firmware 1.3.0 update - Hands Free

*** Updated to remove how “Automatic” works…

Sharing some notes after the Firmware 1.3.0 update…

What Is New:

  • Compatibility with hands free communication for selected iPhone and iPad models
  • Fix to volume change when using TV Adapter 3.0
  • General updates and improvements

As seen by others, the Oticon ON app still shows the firmware version of the HAs as 1.1.1 suggesting there will be an app update soon.

One question I had is whether the firmware update would enable HAs to answer calls using the buttons. That seems to have been answered in this document which states “the wearer makes or receives a call on their iPhone or iPad”. Will do more testing and initial test call confirms you will have to interact with the phone to answer a call.

The native Hearing Devices menu shows new input options as noted elsewhere in the forum. Automatic, Right, Left and Off.

I am guessing that Automatic indicates the iPhone decides which mic to use. You can select Right or Left or Off, “Off” seems to turn off the mic on the HAs for the phone call.

Will do more testing but first impression from a test call is that the iphone mic provides better sound quality. Concerned also about battery drain. We’ll see…

Anyone else have a different experience?


It looks like the VA will not be getting the updates until after the first of May, please keep us updated on your findings


Sadly I don’t have MOREs , but glad to see Oticon apparently acknowledging there’s an issue with TV volume. Something I’ve been complaining about and no one seemed to believe me.


A couple of things:

Firstly, I want to tell you I’m brand spanking new More1 user. I got the HAs this past Wednesday… I want to thank you for your observations.

Secondly, I looked at your site. The pictures are very beautiful. You have an artistic eye for the camera. Bravo.

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Can you have the iPhone in your pocket during the call?

My understanding you still have to answer the phone from the phone, or possibly from the Apple Watch if you have one. I don’t have the update and will not have it until may from what I understand from my VA audiologist, but this is what I have been reading… There doesn’t seem to be any way to connect the call from the aids.

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**** Updated to remove the description of Automatic….

Yes, you can have the phone in the pocket…

The other modes let you decide for the phone (Right, Left, Off) instead of letting the phone figure it out…

On a related note, i was just able to have a phone conversation while 20ft away from the phone… so the HA mics are definitely working…


I wonder why they do that. It isn’t like it costs anything, yet I somehow get the sense that it is tied to the contracts. Same thing happened with my p90 firmware last fall. I can see a new piece of HW being held up, but … ??


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It seems the contract controls everything, but haven’t got an update to my OPN1 aids out of sync with the contract, but it was a fix to an issue that was causing my aids to fail.

This is encouraging. Thank you!

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Can you explain the ways to accept the call,

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Yes, but why do they structure it that way? You know in my business under the fundamentally same set of contracting rules I’ve not seen a restriction like that in my >30 years of work for the Dept. Just write the contract with a clause to allow sw/firmware updates. Is it because they want training for every little thing and that has a negotiated cost tagged to it? Prenegotiate that kind of thing and be free!


I have to use the iPhone to answer a call and then i get hands-free…

If i pick up the call on the Apple Watch the call stays on the Apple Watch speaker/mic until I transfer it to the iPhone as you normally would by going into the iPhone app… At that point, after the call is transferred, the HAs are connected to the iPhone and i hear over the HAs…

I haven’t tried the iPad and just expect the same behavior.

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so there is no answering from either the HA or the Apple Watch. I can live with that.

That has been my experience… barring any new functionality on a future On app which i think is unlikely since the way the HAs work is subject to the MFI Apple standard…


At this time I have stopped using the on app except for meetings and noisy environments that require my use of MoreSoundBoost. I wish there was a way to enable it other than the app

Thank you for sharing, and answering our questions.
Are you able to use the iPhone mic to transmit your voice, like before the firmware update?

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Yes I can turn off the HA mics. There is a video from Oticon that shows how to select what Mic to use.

On a related topic, I deleted the Oticon On app and unpaired the HAs from my phone. I then reinstalled the app and repaired the HAs and now the app reports the correct firmware version so I’m less optimistic of an imminent update.

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You got it. In a nutshell that’s it. The P90 can answer the phone, but it uses standard BT tech. BUT our HAs have the new BT protocol that is supposed to be boffo socko super duper-ish.

I have done some more research and found a description of how the iOS Input Options work in the Resound ONE HAs. I have to presume that the behavior in the Oticon More is the same… or similar enough. To that end, it would seem Automatic does NOT use the iPhone mic at all and will try to confirm with more testing….but read on.,…
• “Automatic” is the default setting: voice pickup is automatically designated to the first hearing aid which establishes a connection with the iPhone or iPad.
• If “Off” is selected, patients will use the iPhone microphone for voice pickup (same as standard MFi).

  • The Input Options menu is not available during a call. This means hands-free functionality can only be turned off or on outside of active calls.
  • During an active call, switching back to normal iPhone use is available only via the iPhone audio menu.

In light of this I did edit the previous posts….

In addition, the Resounds seem to be able to answer the call from the button on the HA which I have not been able to get the Oticon Mores to do. If anyone figures this out please post.

It is amazing to me how poorly Oticon documents their features. Understanding how this works is essential to the ability of the user to make the most out of the features. Very frustrating that we have to reverse engineer their product.

I will update this if I find more or different and If anyone gets better info, please post.

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