Oticon Mini Rite disconnects then connects

Not sure I am in the right category.

My oticon mini rite does a chime then disconnects. Comes on again a few seconds later.
Any recommendations.

Thanks, Sammy

What model of mini-rite? (Mini-rite is the style…)

Sorry, the full description should be Oticon Agil Pro Rite


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The HAs are working but show as disconnected on iPhone

Thise are 11-year-old HAs. Are you sure they’re compatible with your phone? You’re not providing a lot of information - when did the chiming start? Have you talked to your audiologist about it?

The only way to connect these Aids to a phone is via the old Oticon Streamer. The problem might be the Streamer and not the Aids.

This is the Streamer.

The streaming is wireless no streamer unit. Only a unit small box sits by the TV. The
Streamer works great.
The issue was the HAs were not communicating with the iphone.
I thought of rebooting the iphone and that corrected the issue. Now shows they are
connected and the battery screen shows the amount of charge left in the batteries.
Thank You for all that have helped.
Hopefully this may help someone with a similar issue. THANK YOU

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