Oticon Kaizn, the world’s first personal AI assistant for your ears



@Volusiano could tell you how the OPN1 operate in universal mode. He’s quite happy with them.


That is what the Evoke is supposed to do. Their SoundSense allows you to tailor your preferences by comparing A to B choices (up to 20) in whatever environment you find yourself. You can save that as a program for those environments. Over time it incorporates those preferences which become a part of the automatic operation. If I understand it correctly. I’ll find out when I get fitted for them next Wed.


YES! In fact, the index finger on my RIGHT hand has enough AI to push a button on my aid if my BRAIN tells it to. Am I missing something here? As it is, the noise management settings drive me so crazy I have my aud-guy set them to the lowest possible “interference”. Otherwise, every sound would cause my aids to dampen down cautiously! for a good 5 seconds causing me to miss more critical sounds like … conversation.


If the Evoke’s SoundSense allows one to tailor preferences and save it as a program, I’m assuming one would need to have an app on the phone (iPhone, Samsung).

I just quibble at the thought of having to carry around a cell phone like some kind of talisman to get my ears through the day. As it is, I’ve eschewed the Roger Pen, thinking I’d probably lose it or leave it behind first day I get it.

It just seems that in once sense, aids are becoming rocket science, with way too much complexity, choices, notifications, programs, etc.

On the other hand, whom here is truly happy with their current aids’ comfort and functionality? I’d prefer manufacturers focused on stereophonic streaming with no extraneous devices needed, domes/molds that are SUPER comfy and truly fit each of our ear canals, and some kind of SPEECH boosting to make it truly a breeze to hear conversation in noisy places.


You do need an app for SoundSense but you don’t have to use it. They will work just fine in automatic without it. Personally I’ll enjoy playing with it.


^^^ It’s good they have an “automatic” setting! More like “manual”, and I’d like that better than AI. :wink:


This is IT: AI should be used for speech recognition and boosting, cutting out (reducing) noise. Full Stop
The rest is other people snooping on me and I don’t want/need that.


unless it comes with a fall sensor, I’m in :slight_smile:


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