Oticon Kaizn, the world’s first personal AI assistant for your ears



Agree. But I am superpower hearing aids user. Can you name a lot of superpower hearing aids today? My previous hearing aids was Oticon Chili. It is an Agil line. Agil, Alta, Alta2 = Dynamo (my current HAs), Opn (no SP). Very slow development.


Okay you got me! I dunno?


Oticon make very good hearing aids. Personally, I also find their marketing is more over-the top than other hearing aid manufactures, but gee it seems to work for them!


The name of the game anymore is who can brag the loads and the best, and it helps if you can back it up. At least for me Oticon has been the best I can wear.


…Waiting for Volusiano to weigh in on this development.

His frequently stated position has been that the “open” paradigm and “brain hearing” negated the need for any adjustment based on hearing environment.


Purely subjective. I’ve worn the Alta2 Pro for the last three years which is an open / brain hearing concept aid, and crowded restaurants, parties et. al. are a struggle. I found it to be OK for the first few months or so but as the newness wore off and the fascination with all that I could now hear that I couldn’t (these are my first aids) and time passed I found noisy environments still quite difficult. I have a noise program enacted and have had them tuned and re-tuned but they don’t get there for me. Others find the Alta2 acceptable and it may be that the OPN1 is far superior too them but I’m going in another direction. I’m going to trial the Evoke 440 and if I don’t like it I’ll try the Marvel.


I personally don’t see how this new concept would tie in neatly to the way the OPN was developed and operates. I still maintain that I use the default P1 program in my OPN 1 almost exclusively everywhere in all listening situations and it’s still working well for me. I don’t see the need for this new AI thing with respect to the OPN per se the way it is, unless they start to offer a new Oticon model that has multiple program settings that can make use of this AI.

Note that they haven’t really said that this Kaizn software will operate together with the OPN. They only said that they will demo this technology at the 2019 Vegas CES and the OPN 3, but they didn’t say WITH the OPN 3.

I’d be at a loss to guess how they would integrate this Kaizn with the OPN per se the way the OPN is, because I just don’t see how they’re compatible or how the OPN would benefit from this technology the way it is.

My guess would be that maybe they’ve decided to combine both the open paradigm and the traditional directionality together into one new hearing aid model to appease to both targeted audience types. I personally don’t see a conflict in combining these two worlds together. Although they’re two different paradigms, they don’t really conflict with each other.


As I can see, Kaizn uses only two modes - comfort and focus. Opn has both modes in one state. So maybe it is for Siya only…


For you is the caveat. Others may find it advantageous.

But the implication is certainly there. It’s mentioned alongside Hearing Fitness which is currently available and tied to the ON app. It appears they intend to do the same with Kazin. And being that user preferences are going to be incorporated into the universal program it may require a firmware update but that shouldn’t be problematic either. And it doesn’t say OPN 3. The three is just identifies the link which takes you to the Oticon OPN website.


I agree. I have OPN 1s and 2 choices, one for noisy environments. I can’t really discern a difference when I switch them, so I really only use the default choice. So AI switching doesn’t make any sense to me unless they plan to switch form the OPN paradigm as well.


Yeah, I have Default P1, Comfort for P2, Speech In Noise for P3, and Music for P4. I can’t discern much difference between P1, P2 and P3, except that Comfort P2 seems to give me a slightly lower overall volume, while Speech in Noise P3 gives me a slightly higher overall volume (compared to P1). I can tell that Music P4 seems to be even more “open” compared to P1, but that’s to be expected be expected because the processing is minimized.

Despite these 3 extra built-in programs, I ended up using P1 most of the times because it’s just effective in noisy situations for me compared to the Speech in Noise program. If I increase the P1 by a click on the volume button, it’s virtually the same as the Speech in Noise. If I decrease P1 by a click in volume, it’s virtually the same as the Comfort program.


LOL! In addition to which some of the “marketing-speak” in this release is utter bullsheist in its benefit or meaning.

Am I the only person also paranoid of ANY kind of AI, IoT type device in my house, let alone in my ears? The last thing I want or need is to have Big Brother listen in on everything I hear and maybe even decide one fine day to turn my aids off in a colossal “OOOPSIE!” moment.

Naw. I’m gonna rate this latest, award-winning, chest-beating innovation on my newly improved, low tech bullsheist meter:





Turn my hearing aids up.

Get rid of your guns first


All they will be doing is looking at the logs that are already being created by the aids and make decisions about the setting that you have chosen before and making the changes for you


No, supposedly they know/sense the environment you’re in, send you a “push notification” and ask if you’d like some modification made.


Even hearing unimpaired people have difficulty in noisy environments. I think with my speech in noise program on Oticon1 I may actually hear better than some friends with normal hearing.


I tried to read the Kaizn product release with “Critical Thinking”. You can’t make heads or tales out of this release. It’s just jargon. What about test subjects and trials? What about test subject testimonials? What does Dr. Cliff Olson, AuD have to say? Nah! Not interested. Thanks.


This is weird AI. Why would an advanced HA need to check with the user that it thinks you have just changed listening environments?!?!? Might as well have a manual programmed HA!


Gimmickry is all it is. And I’d find it annoying, like a salesman following you around a store tapping you on the shoulder every time you changed departments asking if you need help. Stay away from me. If I want you I know where you are.


If it could learn where you go all the time and automatically set the aids for that environment then yes I would love it. Anything that would take my life back to the norm that I remember before I had to start wearing the aids.
I made my living off of technology and I like to do research but I have never liked being tied to it like a boat anchor. So if it could know what I needed before I even did and automatically make the changes then I am all for it. But I do not want any more distractions that I all ready have.