Oticon K220 aids new today

I just got new Oticon K220 aids. I wear two, have 75%loss in both ears. I have been wearing hearing aids since I was about 30. My last pair were Volocity. I am thorougly impressed with these. I really like the size of the aid, my ability to wear the little mushroom ear molds with out some big thing like I had. I am wearing bte’s. I notice that right away, sounds are so natural, voices are clearer, music is wonderful. Phone is clear but volume is a little low. I have a different color coming next week plus the power mode ear connectors. I am so relaxed not having to listen to such loud things all the time. I am praying they work out for me. I will be 65 in a couple of weeks.
My audi is just great. She really wants to make things work for me. So we will see. I’m new here, will post again when I get my new color aids and the power mode module for them.