Oticon introduces Siya, new family of essential hearing aids

Oticon Siya is the First Hearing Aid in the Essentials Category with 2.4GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy Connectivity and it also Delivers Superb Sound Quality

Copenhagen, Denmark
20 August 2018

A quantum leap forward for the whole essentials category of hearing aids, Oticon Siya offers a combination of excellent sound quality, outstanding wireless connectivity and a comprehensive choice of styles and accessories.

Industry leaders in advanced audiology and hearing aid technology, Oticon, has unveiled a new powerful, yet cost-effective, hearing aid. Oticon Siya, a new innovation from the pioneers of BrainHearing™, offers forward-thinking lifestyle enhancing technologies in an instrument with superb sound quality never before seen in the essentials category. Notably, Oticon Siya includes the revolutionary internet-connectivity that made a splash in the headlines globally for the premium Oticon Opn™ hearing aid and is the world’s first hearing aid in the essential category with 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology.

First and foremost, the new Oticon Siya offers an excellent listening experience for users of hearing instruments in the essentials category. Never before has an Oticon essential hearing aid offered so many high-performing audiology features and technological innovations. Built on Oticon’s proprietary ultra-fast Velox™ platform, Oticon Siya includes high-resolution sound processing that is 50 times faster than ever before in the essential category* and provides high-speed sound compression and amplification so that users always have stable audibility in a broader sound range than their hearing loss would otherwise allow.

With the power of Velox, Oticon Siya’s directionality-based technologies are driven to perform more effectively than before. Thanks to super-fast Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX technology, Oticon Siya automatically switches between listening modes to precisely adapt to varying sound environments. The smooth transitions ensure that users enjoy a more comfortable listening experience at all times, even when noise becomes intrusive. This is further enhanced by the advanced Noise Reduction LX feature which, powered by Velox, is fast enough to even reduce noise between words, while Wind Noise Management decisively reduces wind noise and Transient Noise Management rapidly removes the discomfort of sudden, loud noises.

Oticon Siya connects more people to everyday technology. The world’s first hearing aid in the essentials category with 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, Oticon Siya enables wireless connectivity to a wide range of Bluetooth® enabled devices, including any modern smartphone, and is fully compatible with Oticon’s ConnectClip, transforming Siya into a wireless headset for smartphones, tablets and computers.

Furthermore, this new entry-level hearing aid is the first in the essentials category to provide users with the endless possibilities of internet connectivity. Using the Oticon ON App, which links Oticon Siya with the IFTTT (IfThisThenThat) network, users can connect to and control smart internet-connected devices and services, and ultimately make everyday life easier. Also, thanks to internet-connectivity, Oticon Siya users have access to the new HearingFitness™ feature in the Oticon ON App. This new exercise feature helps users get the very best out of the hearing aids, with advice and encouragement on ways to hear better, protect their hearing and improve their health.

“While our revolutionary open sound technology is exclusive to the Oticon Opn premium hearing aid, Oticon Siya offers a number of high-end features, such as comprehensive connectivity, to enhance the lives of people with hearing loss,” says Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President, Oticon Brand Global. “To date, 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy connectivity, for instance to modern smartphones, has been an elite feature of Opn. We believe that in this modern age, this connectivity level should be enjoyed by all hearing aid users, which is why we are especially delighted to make this premium feature available to the users of our new essentials hearing aid family. This, in addition to the excellent listening experience that users of Siya can enjoy, is just one of the many steps we have taken to ensure that our hearing aid in the essentials category enables users to get out there and make the most of every moment.”

Oticon Siya is available in a wide range of styles and fitting options to fulfil the specific needs and preferences of more people with hearing loss. The new comprehensive family of in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids also includes Oticon’s smallest ever hearing aid style. For more information about the new Oticon Siya hearing aid family, visit: www.oticon.global.

*Compared to Oticon’s Inium Sense

About Oticon

500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. The majority are over the age of 50 while eight percent are under the age of 18. It is Oticon’s ambition that our customers - hearing clinics throughout the world - prefer to use our products for people with impaired hearing. Through passion, dedication and professional expertise, Oticon develops and manufactures hearing aids for both adults and children. Oticon supports every kind of hearing loss from mild to severe and we pride ourselves on developing some of the most innovative hearing aids in the market. Headquartered out of Denmark, we are a global company and part of William Demant Group with more than 13,000 employees and revenues of over DKK 13 billion. www.oticon.global



Thanks for the post. Is there any way of finding out if the Siya iic has a wireless remote volume control option? Looking at the opn custom options, the iic seems to have no control wireless options at all.

The IIC model does not support any wireless accessories.


Thanks for the response. I’m a bit disappointed that Oticon seem to have gone backwards when their Alta pro 2 iic did have wireless capabilities - maybe their main focus is now on instrument size.

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thanks for the post! (I’ll be adding that down to the list with OPN too!)

Oticon Opn1 <-VS-> Oticon Siya 1 Comparison
The following comparison is only for the top-of-the-line models (Opn1 vs Siya 1) because it would be confusing to compare multiple Opn models and multiple Siya models.

References: Oticon Opn 1 <-VS-> Oticon Siya 1

Oticon Opn 1 Oticon Siya 1
Speech Understanding :
OpenSound Navigator Yes No
Balancing power effect Yes No
Max. noise removal 9dB Noise Reduction LX
Speech Guard LX Yes No
Spatial Sound LX Yes No
Soft Speech Booster LX Yes No
Speech Rescue LX Yes Yes
Sound Quality :
Clear Dynamics Yes No
Binaural Noise Management Yes No
Fitting Bandwidth 10 KHz 8 KHz
Frequency Channels 64 48
Bass Boost (streaming) Yes Yes
Listening Comfort :
Transient Noise Management 4 configurations On/Off
Feedback shield LX Yes Yes
Wind Noise Management Yes Yes
Tinnitus SoundSupport Yes Yes
Fitting optimization:
YouMatic LX 3 configurations No
Fitting Bands 16 10
Multiple Directionality Options Yes No
Adaptation Management Yes Yes
Wireless Connectivity:
Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz) Yes Yes
Oticon ON App Yes Yes
ConnectClip Yes Yes
Remote Control 3.0 Yes Yes
TV Adapter 3.0 Yes Yes

This Opn 1 Siya 1 comparison is not a tell-all comparison. For example the following noted difference for Siya IIC is not listed. But I do think this comparison can be useful to understand that you will give up some functionality if you choose Siya instead of Opn.

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Very helpful info. Thanks for sharing it, pvc!

thanks for sharing! maybe OPN 1 might be the best bet after I have a birthday (we’ll see)

Our comparison is up: Compare the Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE with the Oticon Siya 1 miniRITE

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  1. Frequency lowering is available on Opn, it’s called Speech Rescue.
  2. Bass Boost streaming is not available on Siya as per;

Oh, I read the Bass Boost wrong. The [.] means yes it is available. Okay, then just the Speech Rescue is available on Opn.

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Good find, will add tomorrow. Need to add tinnitus feature to opn too.

Dr Bailey,

To your knowledge, are some of the OPN1 features new with the 6.0 update? I wasn’t aware of some of the features you list in your comparison, such as “Machine Noise Reduction,” Power On Delay," Occlusion Reduction," etc. Thanks.

My information on the availability of those features came directly from a contact at Oticon, and I assume those features have always been available.

Maybe they are built in, but I have never seen them described in any OPN product literature. Thank you!

Power On delay has always been there I think. It’s the time you close the battery door until the time you hear the start up chime.

I’ve never heard of Machine Noise Reduction either. I’ve updated to firmware 6 and I’m running Genie 2018.2 and I don’t see any Machine Noise Reduction feature.

Neither have I heard of Occlusion Reduction nor do I see any of it in Genie 2018,2.

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Maybe Machine-Noise-Reduction is just a different/pet name for Max-noise-removal=9dB.

I can’t think of what Occlusion-Reduction might refer to?

Occlusion reduction is often associated with playing around with the gain around 500-750Hz (they aren’t physically changing the occlusion effect). If there’s some tweakery in the aid/software to control the gain here or more practically if they are making the aid listen to itself (as we know it does to request services), then it would be possible to monitor the output around this level and possibly self-calibrate the output if there’s a resonance detected that would potentially cause a problem.

In a previous generation product there was a specific issue with the aids creating a ‘howl’ around this area, which was a function of the ear canal resonance and the gain of the system. You could see it on your REM machine, but was below the reach of the feeback manager. It may be the way Oticon have dealt with this issue.

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Thanks for the input to all who answered my questions! :slight_smile:

For machine noise my notes from Oticon say “included in Open Sound Navigator”, and for occlusion reduction they put “OpenEar Acoustics”