Oticon Introduces ConnectClip for Oticon Opn - Now Available Globally

18 October 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Oticon Opn™ Now Connects to All Modern Smartphones, Delivering an Extraordinary Sound Experience in Stereo

Modern 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy technology makes it easy to connect seamlessly to both iPhones® and Android™ smartphones. Two recent studies* show that Opn enables users to manage challenging listening environments much more effectively when compared to technologies by other manufacturers.

Oticon Opn™ combines ground-breaking technologies to deliver access to multiple speakers even in complex listening environments, rapid noise reduction and connectivity to iPhone® and even, the Internet. These paradigm-shifting benefits have earned Opn numerous national and international awards and delivered overwhelmingly positive responses from Opn users**. Now Oticon expands Opn’s wireless connectivity options to benefit even more hearing aid users.

“Oticon Opn now gives users easy and high quality, hands-free connection to all modern smartphones,” said Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President, Oticon Brand, Global. “This is the latest example of Opn’s ability to raise the bar and improve the ability of people with hearing loss to actively participate in life. Outstanding results from recent research studies provide even more evidence that Opn with BrainHearing™ technology makes a profound difference in noisy situations, such as restaurants and family dinners, compared to other hearing aids on the market. With Opn you simply hear better with less effort making it easier for you to live an active and social life.”

Oticon Opn now also provides seamless connectivity to Android™ or any other modern smartphone with Bluetooth from 2010 onwards. Powered by modern 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, Opn streams audio to both hearing aids simultaneously to give people with a hearing loss a richer, easier listening experience when streaming any type of audio. Oticon introduces the Oticon ConnectClip, a microphone, headset and hearing aid remote control all in one. This takes wireless connectivity to the next level, allowing Opn users to enjoy a truly hands-free mobile headset, now also to use with Android smartphones. The built-in microphone also allows users to more easily tune into one main speaker in noisy surroundings or when distance from the person is too great.

With the free, downloadable Oticon ON App, iPhone and Android users can enjoy hassle-free wireless connection in everyday life, for example answer calls directly in their Opn hearing aids. Opn users can also use the ON App to connect to and interact with the Internet through the IFTTT.com (IfThisThenThat) network.

By using a high 7.5 kHz bandwidth to deliver quality sound in stereo, Opn avoids the streaming limitations and reduced sound quality of narrow 3.5 kHz bandwidth which you get with Classic Bluetooth technology***. Oticon also combines modern BLE connectivity and the unique open sound experience technology to create an extraordinary sound quality with state-of-the-art noise reduction for even better sound quality when streaming phone conversations from smartphones. Read more about the ConnectClip here.

Further to the Oticon ConnectClip, Oticon is introducing a variety of new products and features:

Rechargeable for All-Day Power

Rechargeable Oticon Opn is now made available in several countries. With the easy-to-use charger, Opn miniRITE can now be powered throughout the day by simply placing the hearing aids in the charger overnight. The rechargeable solution gives users maximum flexibility to interchange the rechargeable 312 batteries with disposable batteries if the user forgets to recharge overnight. It is estimated that one pair of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries can save approximately 150-200 disposable batteries per year.

New Fitting Features

Oticon introduces a series of new fitting features, including support of Fast Data View (a new NOAH feature), a new paediatric fitting mode and NoahLink wireless compatibility with updated fitting software. To help improve the accuracy of hearing aid fittings and patient satisfaction, new In-situ Audiometry plays pure tone signals through the hearing aids so hearing care professionals can more accurately measure hearing threshold levels.

Oticon SafeLine™ for Adults and Children

Oticon SafeLine™ retention cord is now available in two cord lengths for both children and adults. It can be used with miniRITEs, designRITEs and BTEs, including Super Power, Ultra Power and instruments from Oticon Medical. SafeLine™ is the only retention solution on the market that features a breakaway cord with a unique quick-release clasp that easily opens if snagged or pulled.

For more information on Oticon Opn family, smart phone connections, newest research and new ConnectClip visit Oticon.global/Opn.

Further reading: https://www.oticon.global/solutions/accessories/connectivity/connectclip
More: https://www.oticon.global/about/press/news/2017/oticon-opn-now-connects-to-all-modern-smartphones

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This has been around in the US for a while. This is the Global launch. Please see this article for more info on this and the ZPower recharger coming to the UK for Opn miniRITE:

@1Bluejay Here’s the long awaited Connect Clip 3.0 streamer for the OPN for Android phones that you’ve been waiting for. It may be worthwhile to try it out before trading in the OPN for the Phonak Audeo-B Direc, if the trade-in cost is too expensive for you.

Also, I don’t know if your audi told you, the OPN DOES have a Full Directional mode that can be set to block out surrounding noise and focus on the front speech only. It should help you with noisy environment because it’ll then act just like a traditional destination based hearing aid, like how the Phonak Audeo-B Direct is in directional mode.

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Thank you for sharing. So does this mean that the Connect Clip is ready to order from USA audiologists to Oticon today? Any word on pricing and availability?

Perhaps I was confused. So this is represents an upgrade to the US-version of Connect Clip too?

The Connect Clip 3.0 that’s supposed to support the Oticon OPN has never been released yet in the US or globally as far as I know. It was originally promised for Q1’17 release but got delayed until now.

The older versions of Connect Clip don’t support the OPN.


Updated the headline for this thread! (apparently there is no such thing as ConnectClip 3.0, it’s just ConnectClip)

Sorry, you’re right. I gave you incorrect info. It’s just ConnectClip. The reason I added the 3.0 in there was because they do call their TV Adapter 3.0 and Remote Control 3.0 for the OPN to differentiate it to the older versions that supported their non-OPN products, so I presumed incorrectly that the ConnectClip was the same, but it was not.

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@AbramBaileyAuD, so as an audiologist, can you reach out to Oticon and order a Connect Clip for your patients? Trying to understand if this launch is available today or if it’s at some predetermined date down the road. Any insights would be greatly appreciated as I’m currently an Android user and would appreciate this device.

@rasmus_braun is practicing, perhaps he knows the answer?

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Sorry to disappoint, but there’s still no concrete ship date that I’m aware of.

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Well that’s disappointing to hear. Thank you for the update. I’m confused on why Oticon had this press event without the order process in place.

The last time they released an announcement for the Tcoil version/BTE PP/Tinnitus Support/Speech Rescue Support/ZPower option/FW 4.0 update, it was about a month or two before the actual release date. So I’m guessing by the end of the year you’ll see it available, and this announcement at least is a confirmation that it’ll be coming for sure.

At least for the ConnectClip there has never been a formal announcement for it until now, so now it seems like a sure thing now and not just vaporware.

So my dumb question is what is the difference between ConnectClip and StreamerPro ? They seem kinda the same to me

Not a dumb question. The ConnectClip only works with Oticon Opn hearing aids and doesn’t require a neckloop. The Streamer Pro is a neckloop device that works with any Oticon wireless hearing aid from Epoq to Alta2.

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In fact, I have the old Oticon Streamer Pro from about 5 yrs ago. It’s a small device about the size of two matchbooks that hangs on a necklace around the neck. That device is used to stream phone calls in STEREO to both ears as well as TV to both ears. Works like a charm with my old Alta Pro aids - but NOT with the Oticon Opn miniRITE aids I’d been using the past 9 mos!

I’m surmising that the new clip-on ConnectClip as mentioned only works with the newer Opn aids. Fine and dandy. And a day late and a dollar short if you ask me. Stereophonic streaming is FABULOUS! But I found I could not HEAR with any combination of settings on my Opns. Maybe my loss profile needs different hardware - I just don’t know. I hope to trade in my Opns for Phonak Audeo B-Direct this Friday.

Perfect timing for the ConnectClip release, LOL.

Thanks for sharing the info! It is timely indeed, as I’m slated to return to my aud-guy on Friday and trade the Opns in for the Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids. Augh.

While I LOVED the TV streaming on the Oticons, and can probably assume the Android ConnectClip would be equally fabulous, I simply could not HEAR on those dang Opns. I tried tweaking the frequencies, had a fully-directional program set up in them, but all for naught. I just found that SOUND from all over overwhelmed common human speech frequencies. I guess I’m just the odd fish who simply can’t be fit with the Opn.

By contrast, I can hear MUCH better in a multitude of settings with the Phonaks. It’s a mystery to me why that is, but that is the 95% of my time: just listening in real world time. I watch the occasional TV program and do make some phone calls, but hey, I can at least stream the calls hands-free, device free (albeit to ONE ear only) with my Phonaks.

It’s just the typical irritating trade-off I feel that we always have to make. NO hearing solution has ever been 100% PERFECT. It isn’t rocket science, but it still eludes me. I’d like a RIE set of aids where speech is crystal clear, ambient sound not equal in level, stereophonic streaming for TV, laptop, phone, anything bluetooth! Preferably with NO separate streaming device required. It appears that such a simple solution exists only in my dreams for now.

So how does this compare to the EasyTek?

It’s not out yet so nobody really knows how well it works.

I meant technology-wise, not performance-wise. I’m hoping someone who understands all the technology can explain the differences.