Oticon INtiga vs Beltone True

I had posted this under the Digital HA catagory and recieved two reponses which I appreciate. I thought I might try it here to get a proffesional opinion. I might add that the audi at Beltone has spoken to me about the HA’s but hasn[t yet done his hearing test.

New to the forum. If my signiture is unclear, please tell me what you need for info.

I have been looking at several aids and my audi is recomending the Oticon’s. I have also been reading about the Beltone True. Through phone calls and visits, I have found that I can get the the Oticon’s at $5600 and the Beltone True’s for $4100 ($5600 minus a $1500 discount). Being new to HA’s, Im not sure I am making the right comparisons. Can you all advise and inform me.